I think a machine to repair tools would be nice

I thought it would be nice if we had a machine or forge to fix our tools.


I’m not keen on tools being repairable, but I would be interested to hear why you would like to be able to repair the tools.

There are other areas of the game that I do think need attention, and depending on your reasons for wanting to repair tools, it may be that improvements in other areas would help.


The forging market would die, that’s the only issue I guess. Being able to forge is a sought after skill and a good earner, it would be a shame to lose that

Perhaps if each tool could only be repaired once or a certain % or something, so we could prolong the life just a little rather than indefinitely

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And there’s the problem, it would not just affect forgers. I can make nice coin by forging but I tend to spend it right away on many other things. I also would not need so many mats that I now need for forging so people selling to me and other forgers can make less coin too. All the building materials I buy I would not be able to in the future making sure store owners who sell those will have less income as well.

This will have a ripple effect to many people…

I would be for such an idea if, and only if, the repair can only be done by the person who forged the tool (if it’s a forged item that is). This could prevent loss of income and even then either forgers will lose income (and all the other people too as described above!) or it would stay the same due to this addition but if that would be the case then this is not needed at all…


I was a strong advocate for tool repairs but to be perfectly honest I would hate it. From a real world perceptive, yeah, repairing a damaged tool so you can get more use out of it would be the most economical way to get further use from the single purchase. Cause tools in real life can run you hundreds of dollars (USD for me) and that can often not be very practical. Even saw blades for a table saw can run you $15-35 USD for a pack of 3.

I think a machine that allows you to take very damaged tools and break it down into raw materials would be nice. Perhaps the machine would RNG 3 different results and you get to pick one of those results to take. Kind of like how forgers can use Deconstruction Resin to get back some of the forging ingredients. Just a random idea though.


Mainly for new player who can barely afford or craft more gem tools and not even just the gem tools the Titanium tools are valuable for new players that’s the best they can get at the beginning unless given better equipment and a lot of those new players don’t know about atlases so a Majority of players will just go into caves hoping they get lucky

It wouldn’t die there are plenty of people who can’t forge including myself

But if you could repair your tools you would not need to buy new ones, thus the forgers won’t make any coin on your future purchases.
They would probably have to mark up the price of the tools in order to account for fewer sales too…

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Or just make it to where you can repair each tool 1 time

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That makes also not sense.
There is a Boon of Durability, if you want that your tool last longer, take such ones and skill Durability too.

In my opinion repairing tools would affect much the player economy.
In a bad way.

You can‘t forge? Learn it! :wink:
There are nice guides for it, if i can forge, everyone can it.
Because i am usually very bad in figuring out best ways to be efficient.
But this one helped me much to understand how it works: [Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - UPDATED VERSION 2.0


Like I can forge but there not that great :sob::sob: I struggle

I struggle sometimes too, but with each forge i do, i am getting better :wink:


True practice makes perfect but it kills you sometimes running threw a few hammer smart stacks to end up with bad forges although I do always get at least 2 good forges but the resource tho :sob:


Yes it would, instead of buying a new one people would start repairing, not just players with low money, every player would.

This will mean less income for forgers, who the buy less materials needed for forging and when they do big builds and other things do not have the coin anymore to buy the materials so all in all this will affect EVERY ONE’s income…

WHAT IF…(I haven’t done one of these for a while)

…there was a machine that was linked to Forger’s skills, a machine that let you take a tool apart and give back some of the mats. OR a machine linked to high level crafters.
The Forger’s would get mats back related to the forging, whilst the craft would get mats back in relation to the raw mats used to make the tool.
(I prefer the double machine idea)

This would require tools to not break and vanish. How that even happens is magical anyways.
They’d have to stop at 1/Durability and enter a broken state. If that’s even possible.

Then you could sell that item/trade it for money off a new one or something.

Just an idea. I don’t see a full on repair system happening, working, or being viable in this game system based on an economy. Unless Blacksmiths become a thing, then you could choose. Perhaps a Blacksmith repair reduces all the boons by 1 and the durability by a quarter or something.

Sorry, I’m rambling now.


  • Forger machine and/or High Crafter machine to recover mats (forging or raw)
  • Blacksmith role that could repair but at tool’s wear’n’tear. Reduced boons/add a quirk, or permanently reduced durability

I do have a question. Even though the developers would never allow it, why again would it be bad if they allowed tools to be repaired? I do understand that the players selling tools would not sell as many since players could repair them, but all this does it take coin out of the one pocket and leave it in another for them to use on other things. I do understand that the players selling them would have less coin, but the players not buying would spend less on tools and have more coin. There seems to be some assumption that this and this alone would kill the economy. If the economy is solely based on the ability to sell forged tools in volume then there is probably more wrong with the economy than we all think.

There is nothing saying that players might not need to buy “repair” ingredients or that you might pay someone to reforge a tool in order to repair it. There may still be things to buy even if tools can be repaired.


there are other mmo games like Elder Scrolls Online that have both player-based economies, crafting and equipment repairing, the main difference that separates BL in this regard is that BL doesn’t have a bind on equip mechanic, but the other MMO games have something that BL also lacks… a very large playerbase

new players shoudnt haveaccess to gem tools. gem tools are mid-endgame stuff. new players should advance through metal tools first. as anyone else.


What if they linked a new machine to a new higher tier of forgeing skill that a forger could use to repair the previous tool with resources and it could add an extra buff on top of the original - few hundred extra dur or dmg. But you would need forging skill max + 1 so new tier and it could use skill to use too, but cheeper than buying a new one ?

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