I think forging should divided up between all player types

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This would involve separating the forging abilities into categories like Farming, Building, Hunting/Gathering, and whatever else I’ve missed. But this idea would make forging more accessible to everyone. :innocent:

If you are a builder like I am, then you would have the ability to forge what you need for your builds but not what you would need for say, hunting.

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On the other hand… if you wanna do all you need more characters or skill pages.

Dont make forging more complicated than it is alrdy lol


Yeah forging is already complex enough! I love it though! But don’t think it should be restricted when it’s a skill in itself

Edit: also, my main skill page for Trickyy that I use to forge doesn’t really fall into a category. She’s an all rounder really so not sure how that would work

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Oddly enough it requires tool crafting ability to make fertilizer and crop sowing ability to make decorative trellis blocks.

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What do you mean forge what you need for building? Apart from regen bombs I can’t think what other forges would be for building?
Seems there would be a lot of overlap of professions

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Water gathering chisels for water in builds is one I can think of, but not sure there are many others.

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Ah of course the chisels haha how silly am I!

Well lattice… transformation

Edit. Just read you alrdy noticed heh.

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Yep :sweat_smile: my pride took a hit there haha


I was thinking it would actually eliminate the need for full-on forgers in the game. Kind of giving or lending forging to every game style within the game. I’m sure it would make things less complicated in the long run.

If I want to build a house with auto doors, some lattice work, a couple water features. I know there are only a few forges for building at the moment but that’s kind of what I was thinking.

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Instead of splitting forging up in the skills based on play styles, I would much rather see some well defined tiers of quality with the ingredients. Right now it’s mostly better to wait until until you have a fully powered forge and top level ingredients, making it one giant step to get there. I’m talking about starting with maybe even a new machine, only capable of adding single traits, and using mats that are super easy for new players to gather, all the way up to four or five trait machines and ingredients that take very lucky (or grindy, if it has to be grindy :confounded:) drops to craft. Different types of machines that support certain playstyles might be good, too, so a builder’s forge might support chisels but not slingbows and grant bonuses when crafting those items?

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Something I’d like to see on the forge, is a Forge All button! So you could drop say 10 invig 1’s into it, hit forge all, and it forges all 10 at once! Please!? :slight_smile:

Forging is a separate skill that you won’t learn by doing anything else than forging, and once you learn how the forge works and some principles, you can forge whatever you want. Without completely overhauling the forging system I don’t see how it’s different to forge a hammer than a chisel.