I think i broke my phone need some help

My phone whas really broken lets say that so we wanted to reebot it. When we did that it wouldent go eny further then Showing the model thingi when starting it. My dad tried downloading some stuff and now it looks like this

its a samsung galaxy s2 and its rooted thanks for Reading


No promises that anything listed will actually work, but it’s a start.

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Thanks so much it worked

Google searching is a wonderful thing

Glad I could help!

True–but I’ve learned that it’s a skill and an art, and not everyone does it with equal facility. (Sometimes my wife [the Ph.D] and I play “Search Engine Wars,” looking for some obscure bit of trivia, which gives you some idea of how boring we are.)


Boring hell, she have a sister? :wink: sarcasm aside, it’s true that googling effectively can be an artform, but I found that same video by searching “android s2 Odin fix”

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Yes, she has a sister. (As it turns out.)

Yeah, I went with “Samsung s2 odin.”