I was first, I promise!

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So this is a nifty thing that I thought about after reading some stuff around the forums.
How about a special achievements system? As in a record. Say, the first team to slay a certain titan gets an achievement medal or something. Or the first ever sword crafter, or the first ever [Insert achievement worthy action here]? I don’t know, it’d be preety cool.


Great idea! I remember WoW had (maybe still has) something like that. Only WoW never made it available to view or show in the game to my knowledge.

Being primarily distributed by Steam, maybe OoRT could use Steam achievements instead to accomplish this. I cannot pretend to know the amount of effort involved though.

I like achievements to set goals for awesome discoveries and feats as long as they aren’t stupid like dying “X” amount of times. I would also like to see them have some sort of use or value by maybe increasing stats or giving resistances.

I would like to add I would rather not see Medals as unique but cool collector items.


I support having steam achievements for this. I dont particularly care much about achievements, but It’s always fun to get an award for doing something :stuck_out_tongue:

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No steam achies obtainable for only 1 person. too many of us are perfectionists and want to get every achievement, can you imagine who freaking frustrating it would be to miss an achievement you cant get?