Ice Instead of Lava?

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Nothing too special, but this is the first I’ve encountered this (in my 682 hours o.O) so i figured i’d share it. Im interested if anyone else has seen this.

Ice at extreme depths?!
at elevation of 17 in solid rock… no evidence of other players being here…


They say the lowest parts of hell are ice.

I’ve been mining down to bottom of the world several times and never seen ice down there.


What planet are you on?

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Solum @ 846, 17, 1064

Seems to be a decent location for M. coal ^^

it seams to be quite extensive… i’ve not changed elevation o.O

maybe this isn’t so good for coal as the ice is drowning it out ><


Funny, because this was my first experience with the lowest parts of the world.

I started on Therka, on an ice and glacier biome. I did what most Minecraft veterans would do and tunnelled down for goodies.

It goes right down to mantle like that. It’s pretty awesome.


yeah, ice drowns out all useful resources. cuz rock doesn’t spawn as much and resources only spawn in rock

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cool… i’ll have to check out the mantle then… maybe i simply mined my way under an ice biome ^^…

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mantle is fun. and it would be a pretty cool floor if it was even all the way across. but there are actually some locations that are higher than the “floor”


I had the same thoughts, @Xanotos; I had big ideas from the start, and was either going to build an underground Moria-esque market, or a sky island. I went with the latter due to what you just pointed out.

If the Mantle was flat, it’d make for a decorative, simple and cost effective road in an underground city. You’d also save 1/8 blocks of your plot. Unfortunately though it’s bumpy.


yeah, you could deal with it if it was somewaht regular, and a large enough field, it’d be really good. i LOVE the diagonal pattern on mantle.


I was going to use it as the flooring for the portal maze, but couldn’t come up with a solution for the first and last rooms.

what made it a problem for it? you could have separated the rooms a bit…

also, question, are your portals in the maze enclosed, or do they have open backs?

The floors all need to be the same, otherwise you’d spot the first and last rooms from the other side of the portal.

The backs are all Nasharil sedimentary brick (solid) because if you look through a portal, you can’t see other portals; you just see what’s behind them.

That said, the portal maze is so tight that you can’t see the backs anyway, so I could potentially redesign it.

Each room is 7x8x7 - so they fit snug inside a single plot.

I mean you can do separated plots. So you could conceivably use mantle as a floor, you’d just have to find the right section to build on

I know it’s a bit nit-picky to say it, but resources can also spawn in glacier, not just rock. :wink:


lol i started to say that… but decided it wasn’t worth it =P

I stopped myself from saying that assuming they are talking about gems, gold, hard coal and such which I have never seen in ice/glacier.

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Ice and lava together :joy::open_mouth:


How? Lava usually melts the eight ice blocks around it.

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