[idea] First Responders Network ( & FR+ Guild)

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So, this is just an idea, as I’ve not started poking about the API just yet … however I thought it might be a semi-good idea.

Based on something I saw in Sweden, years, and years, ago, and which subsequently is apparently a thing in the UK, now, too. There’s a kind of local person with a defib unit, that can get to you much quicker than an ambulance.

I suggest that, using the API, we engineer something that notifies you if someone on planet is in need of a quick save. Perhaps do it on a whomever in the (created purely for the task) FR+ Guild is nearby.

Then someone just nips by with a revive.

Doesn’t need to bother anyone that’s not into it, saves people that could need it. Revive augment purchasing or donations will be either donated by others or guild members, and from donated coin.

Could work, no?

((( not classified as a suggestion, as this isn’t a suggestion for the game, this is a talking point for players, please don’t put in the suggestion category )))


Quite a cool and novel idea, if nothing else it would be another way to encourage a scattered community/population to meet and interact with others.

We have the same thing here in New Zealand (the mobile app was developed in the UK) and it has been responsible for saving many lives.



Nice idea but not to be the discouraging man, if the upcoming “Second chance brew” indeed erases the death penalty as we think, then this idea might not be all that practical (to wait for someone to come to you rather than just drink the brew) - unless the brew is suuuper expensive which I doubt it.

Saw a similar idea in Elite Dangerous where “Fuel rats” (other dedicated players) come to fuel your ship if you get stranded somewhere in the universe. Awesome idea.


This definitely reminds me of the Fuel Rats, though I think the stakes are a lot higher in E:D, especially when explorers call.


I once over trusted my self (typical noob) and squeezed my ship to reach a nearby station to fuel. Aaah good days :joy:

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Well, for sure if the Second Chance brew comes in before any of this becomes a doable thing, then it makes sense that this is a nonsense.

That said, I should be perking up my game, soon, with regards to automations and ■■■■ … so I’ll look in to it myself. Even if it doesn’t pique the interest of others. :slight_smile:

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It could be a website. Put in your planet and coordinates then a person (possible notes from why you died and if there’s anything to be careful from or if it was the most noobish death ever) from the first responders. I’d definitely be apart of the group.

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It could work if you were to force it to work, however the logistics of this I feel would be to difficult to execute in a fast and reliable manner, to the point it wouldn’t be worth trying to do this outside of a pure Roleplaying environment.

Whatever system is used, an API or website or chat Channel , that would need to be monitored by someone(s) 24/7.

Then assuming someone does take note of the location of a knocked out player, There is no real quick way to teleport to that player unless that player is already on their friends list, which isn’t very likely.

Then that player haves to wait doing nothing while that person makes their way over to the them, which may take an excessive amount of time to try to negate a death penalty that I consider to be pretty non-consequential.

It takes about 5min 30sec to run around a world with a mega-fast brew on a runway, so that is about 2.75 min with perfect navigation to reach the furthest possible spot someone might be located at, however that is on a flat runway… Obstacles such as terrain, water, or lava pools will slow someone down, navigational mistakes will slow someone down, and should the person be knocked out underground, then digging down to reach that person will also take even more time. So I assume that person would have to wait at least 5mins if not longer just for the person to maybe reach them, and that is not counting however long it might take for someone to even notice the request in the first place, stop what they are doing, and get on to the world the player is located at.

The bottom line from me is as follows:
From a Practical standpoint, I think this idea is not very good, due to how long it can take to execute.
From a Roleplaying standpoint, I think the idea is fine.

I dunno … I look at how fast API interactions are on other platforms, and providing it works on the basis of only pinging those within (I dunno) 1,000m, then I don’t see the harm in it … because it would literally take no time to get somewhere.

Picture provided courtesy of the awesome Soju.

Well, the ichors are hard to come by sooo… xD

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I priced it out at current market values for the stuff, it would be about 900c a brew to make if you were to buy all the materials now (based on low averages of prices).

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Pricy. Not too bad if you die once a week only (lol) and you need every bit of exp especially taking into consideration the new levelling changes.

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Yeah, at the new max level, the death penalty is 135,000 exp or so.

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Woah woah woah wait wait… I didn’t know it was changed from 20k. Ok now the drink is worth more in my eyes xD.

it scales with the new exp… so 10% of the exp it takes to get that level… which at the new max level is 1,352,000 based on @DreamEvil 's data

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