Idea for making physical maps

reading another discussion just made i thought about the maps, but i just had an idea i thought it was genius.

it said it was considered to make physical maps which could be hanged up. and i just thought of a simple yet elegant way of doign it.

what if they were bound by location tokens? we know that location tokens will be a thing, so why not use that for maps.

so here is how i imagine it,

if we assume that we craft a location token for (200.870) and this map is 200 then we will craft a 200x200 map (kinda like minimap) and the location token is in the dead center. so the point 100x100 (if taken from the button left) which means the top would be the coordinates (200,970) the right center would be (300.870) so the right corner would be the coordinates (300.970)

im not sure how to explain it better, but simple to craft maps of certain sizes where it saves everything in a square area around it for the specific size, these maps could be hanged up on a wall and you could have a huge room that shows a huge area of a world. this would make maps kinda situtational so you could map out areas and sell the maps to people.

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I get it though if the marker does not fill a 2x2 area the map would need to be 201 on each side…

yeah you are right, the map needs to be an uneven number :smile:

what if you could just copy out your minimap onto a block or an item, and then place it on your house?

well, just an Idea.