Idea: gleam and rift and blink torches


I love torches, I think they’re way more roleplay than gleam. I wish that we could make gleam torches in all 256 colors. (Yes I know you could fake it sorta with gleam lantern lattice)


I wholeheartedly support this, I prefer to use torches when I can. I hate the look of gleam lanterns so generally only use them when I can tuck them away somewhere.


And atlas that has region’s on it. And shows red dots where metors land…ohhh that be awesome running around getting metors with ur rift torches…lol


Best use I’ve heard of for rift yet!


Sounds unfair to the players that don’t have rift though. Definitely cheating!


I want a torch that produces a source of negative lighting… such as if you walk near a black block with this torch it turns white.


To be fair, using GEMS for torches kinda makes no sense to me. Gems don’t really glow.
Were gem torches added before Gleam was added?

I’d be up for gleam & rift/blink/umbris torches, for sure. But I’m just wondering why it hasn’t already been made, since it seems to be the more obvious choice.


I would like a “Black Hole” torch. It sucks all light in keeping the area as dark as possible. Would be great for dungeons.


This should definitely be added when they give us tools to make dungeons


I mean, we’re still waiting for Rental Worlds and all that. ^^’


Black hole torch would be awesome. Made with oortshards.


I think umbis could make black hole torch since its technically dark matter


By black hole do you guys mean a torch with magic gravity powers? Or just the visual effect


Umbris torches. Boom.


@DKPuncherello I meant for the visual effect…wanted the light to disappear.