IDEA: massive group visit to see each others epic builds

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Nice idea!


I like the idea … but may I suggest visiting smaller settlements too? Big cities already get some footfall … smaller settlements barely see anyone. Would be nice to see more then 30c in my beacon some day. Especially since the 30c in there is probably from my alt :stuck_out_tongue:


Great idea, my new build is only half done, my old one is gonna be brought down, but would love to participate.


Maybe try to get 2 times to meet and tour, so covering as many time zones as possible?


I can show people around my planet and taking a look at some of the smaller settlements. Don’t get many visitors so not many people know their way around.


I’m going to be reaching out to people on finata to nominate their builds and tour me in the coming week. If you have a build on finata, either PM me here, or come sell your location token to the BRGR voting station (keep this thread clean/short/readable).

If your settlement has a portal up, this would make things much easier; but this is in no way a requirement

Once i have a good few stops on the sightseeing tour, I’ll bring back a vote here to get traveling band together. Think of it as a non-meteorite hunting trip :grin:

Footfall / sightseeing tour - apply @ XMAS BRGR
Adding NPC why hasn't it be done? Despertely NEEDED!

Great, well done for organising this.

I’m not on Finata, but I would join the tour, I think it’s really worthwhile to boost the economy.

I would like to see the tour focus more on the smaller builds, as those guys need the footfall the most and then are much more likely spend it in a store somewhere.

All major shopping settlements should be encouraging the same, as they will be the ones who benefit as well.

If anyone from Gellis would like to organise the same, it would be fantastic. I can help, just not sure I’m the guy to pull off making it happen!


Thanx fidach, the idea is indeed to get smaller, out of the way settlements in on the action.

I’m expecting interest to grow over time, but while we are still figuring everything out I’m sure we could extend the first few tours to neighbouring worlds aswell without much difficulty!

I’ll keep you updated and if all goes well, get the gellistons to start a tour too!