IDEA: massive group visit to see each others epic builds

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we all meet up at the beckon hub with a huge crowd and go visit all participants builds

generating footfall for everybody we pass on the way

im super busy with other interactive builds and competition so i gladly give my idea over to someone capable off organizing this
maybe huge guilds like PS and ultima can join in the fun and bring huge groups together @Hashmalash and @virresss
chiseltown @Karokendo and many other guilds
and aquatopia crew offcoarse

plus we could get nice city tours off wardens show us cool things

Footfall / sightseeing tour - apply @ XMAS BRGR
Active player issue

Sounds good let’s do it


nice idea :slight_smile:


If you want a nice place to visit, Teotihuacan has some very scenic views :slight_smile: See if you can find the hidden treasure


Great idea. A tour of some lovely builds and generating income for peeps. Focus on some smaller, out-of-the-way-builds would be good,eh…let yourselves be heard!


Am still trying to find a nice and convenient settlement to portal to mine. Not that mine has anything great, not even shops, but after playing for a month and trying to amass as much stuff as possible, it’d be nice to get involved a bit more with community.


I’m in. Let’s fix the economy ourselves. Lol we could have a Relay for Baskets event where we march and then the money gets put into baskets.


Curious, are you discussing settlements or small hamlets that aren’t seen as big enough to be worth hunting up by the average player and don’t get to sell items to get coins? I’ve seen some settlements that are nice size and have small shops and have beacons around them close by but no bases so am assuming that they are there just so a player can get footfall as others pass.

There are several out of the way small bases that never get footfall and have items to sell that don’t get sold because they don’t have anyone travel past; are you planning on hunting them up?

I have gone exploring on planets, looking for things such as mushrooms or some large rock hills that have coal/lead showing so I can mine and have seen some really nice bases that have been, in my opinion, breathtaking in how they looked.

Just to clarify, you Do Not need to hunt up the small base my son and I have. We are doing fine. I want my coins from my labors of gathering, making and getting a fair price from the shops. Eventually we will either get a portal and set up to sell, or take it to a hub and sell it. We get around 30 coin a week which we find funny.


They’re not hunting down random builds in the middle of no where.
They said they’d visit the people who participate in the sightseeing


I’m in for a nice tour of builds around the universe. Let me know when.


This is a fine idea to make sure the devs do not fix the footfall back to most peoples expectations if people start finding ways to abuse the system.


Footfall’s probably on its way out anyway. One last hoorah won’t make a difference although if we start doing footfall marches they’ll probably crawl out of their foxholes and jump on fixing that within hours.


giving a tour to people to see awesome builds is it really abuse lol
i guess if we walk over a alts plots setup it might be but thats not the fault off a group doing a tour off eachothers build i think :smile:


Its how you dress it up. If you left out everything in this post mentioning anything about footfall then it is less likely a dev is going to read this and see that we are plotting to try to game the system. But even so, if the logs suddenly show an abnormal influx of something that wasn’t happening before. the devs might try to suppress it if they feel it is to much.

And right now they are trying to observe and compare just how much to tune the system to fix it hence the delays, so if you want to get the most out of what they tune it as, then you want the system to look like it is giving less, not more. I think there is a lawyer saying somewhere, to try to look your worst in court as the victim.


We’ll just change the name of the event to “The Exploring Other Peoples’ Builds Tour that has Nothing to do with Footfall Whatsoever” :joy:


I’d be in on this. I don’t get a lot of traffic to my neck of the woods.


thx that my specialty :smile:

valid point
lol i could pm the dev’s and inform that tis footfall dont go into the calculations that it is for charity :wink: :sunglasses:


i like the idea, i do recommend making groups per world .


I’d advise people to nominate / offer themselves as a “tour guide” per world, then all interested parties can PM the world guide relevant to them. The guide then takes directions, finds a nice flow through all the builds, times the tour with a 2-3min run around per build, and sets up an arrival point for the tour.

Once we have all participating worlds set up, we work out a date and time that is most convenient (this wont suit everybody unfortunately) and put out an itinnerary here. Sounds awesome!


You could set up a discord group where people put their location and instuctions hoq to get there and everyone who can takes a trip there once every 2 weeks. Everyone gives a few minutes a day to help each other out