Idea: Tier 6 dungeon, Who wants to make it reality?

For this idea, A group of players (can be guilds or just… anyone) band together for creating a “dungeon” of their choice. It’ll have lore behind the dungeon and whenever someone wants to do a dungeon run, they put in a certain amount of money for entry into the dungeon trip. Then mobs are released in corridors and a “boss” mob (just an elite mob with mighty tiers surrounding it lured into a chamber) will be released in chambers meant for the dungeon. Only the allowed weapons will be chosen by the group. People will have to join a guild with only the permission that allows for interaction with objects in order to obtain the chest loot. Chest loot hidden inside corridors or boss chambers will have things such as forged tools, alloys, blocks, etc. The dungeon run ends when the person either dies (having to give up all the loot they obtain along the way or else is banned from the dungeon run forever) or makes it out alive.

Its kinda like TangoTek’s Decked Out but with fewer illagers, more loot, and more fighting. Who would like to make it with me? An ideal planet is Houchus due to the presence of a major great city/hub and being overall the best tier 6 planet for it.

I think the main issue with a player-made dungeon is getting the mobs and keeping them there? Since mobs don’t spawn in a beaconed area (means it has to be lured in) and to my knowledge it’ll despawn if there’s no player around it (might be solved by having someone AFK near it)

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Yeah, We will have someone lure in mobs before a dungeon run starts (probably me) and it’ll be near a mob spawning area