If all the T1s and T2s had the enviormental effects such as caustic or potent, what would it be?

just wondering what’d you think. I think that alder and maryx would be caustic :smiley:

I think they should all be Lush. :wink:

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you mean caustic?

cicarpous 1 is a caustic lush

Placid/Temperate Lush. As they are


caustic was last skill i invested my survival points into. to finish up my explorer build

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I really wish environmental protection was a character attribute and not a skill point…

It would be interesting if weather effects required environmental protection, or frenzied up the animals etc… maybe caustic rain triggers Cuttletrunk mating season, and special resources such as Cuttletrunk eggs could be harvested during this time. Or fiery blast rain causes Wildstock to go berserk…


IMHO it would make a little more sense for environmental resistances to be level based vs skill point based. Seasoned citizens should have no problem surving harsh environments! :muscle:t2::fire::snowflake::skull_and_crossbones:


the game pushes you to either opening portals to higher tier worlds or beaconing on T3s and T4s.with the gems its T5 T6 and for lucents T7 so probably not.

Where it does that?
It engourages you to warp certain planets but not really making a portal i believe.
Many players have their base at T1 and T2… i recently been moving to t5 Flan cause i just like the place.
People currently use portal networks get to places… thereS no point to warp any permanent planet when you can just go there for free basically.

As for the topic… im with @majorvex… Lush

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Lush atmospheres cause allergies

I think it should be on clothing/wearables instead of skills. :wink:
Having it on skills kinda removes the whole idea of atmospheres from the game once you’ve invested the skill points you don’t have to deal with them ever again.
Plus it gives wearables a purpose and makes them part of the game and economy. Would be sad if they just end up as another cubit sink.


A NMS style system would be interesting. You’d have to consume gems to power up your suit’s environmental protection

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Given the recent and ongoing plotting woes on Bitula, I’d say it should definitely be ‘acerbic’.

Dk… Mining on T5s just to survive on a T4 would be uninteresting. it removes the idea of hunting on T4s

Powered by gladeflowers and cloneflowers :wink:

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thats better.

i can just head to mensa kries for flowers!