If I had 4 million plots

If the devs ever allow for 3d maps represented on planets then I could do it. Guess I’ll just hope for that.

Bounded by 2D maps. Bah, didn’t think about that one.

List of things I would have made if 3d sky maps were a thing

  1. Black hole
  2. Pulsar
  3. Planets with rings
  4. Comet
  5. Binary stars

@james lol any chance for an option of 3d sky maps in the planet creator? A long shot for 2022 maybe? I know there are bigger things on the development plan and this would be super last thought. But just a wish.

Edit: also lock it from spinning :slight_smile:


is there a plot all button in creative? @Kal-El @Kirinvar

I have not seen a plot all button in creative. I never saw a mention of this function in any notes or comments by James either.

I doubt it exists.

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