If I openly talk trash about Docker (The Builder of TNT HQ)

like saying he just won’t ever talk to me in Discord,
he’ll come get in chat with me just because I tagged him on the forums so :stuck_out_tongue: @Doc

this is for anyone else that would like to poke at him for not talking to them recently <3


I Dont Have to say but "Paid but Never Recieved " only @Doc would know! (Q.Q) but one would think 1st it was getting to Cold in his garage play but now that not a excuse (Q.Q)

Photo Taken From Majorvex-chan

( Location Confidential )

So you would think he would make a appearance at :crescent_moon: time at least cause it not cold anymore but Nope still MIA

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To @Doc I have no idea who you are. Shame on you for not letting me get to know you.

We shall forever remain strangers in the night.

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