If you could decide the colors for an exo

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Hello all!

On this beautiful Friday I had a question for the members of our community.

If you could decide the colors of an exoworld, what would they be?
No need to say all of the colors, maybe only some of them are really important to you.
Anyway, here is one my choice


Black Gleam (though ashen grey or oxide grey would be great too)
rocks: strong blue meta - luminous yellow sedi - deep red igneous
wood: strong viridian lustrous (or maybe oxide grey lol) - lavender twisted - deep slate ancient ( iirc)
white mud, black tangle, white mould, rose gravel, shadow cerulean sand, bright turquoise thorns
foliage: deep red waxy - shadow violet lush - black exotic
I dont have much preferences for soils, but some shades of greys would fit well with the other colors here. Same for the grass.
And for plants and mushroom, i’d let those be random :slight_smile:

So, what would YOU like to see?


A black and white and grey only world (I’m sure someone will do this for sovereigns)

A rainbow puke vivid world (I’m sure someone will do this too)

Basically your colors but split haha

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I feel like a black and white world would do an amazing job of making anything a person builds really stand out. Would be really interesting to explore something like that.


Yeah those were my thoughts exactly, it’d make builds really pop and look super dreamlike.

Don’t mean to derail your OP though. I want these palettes for exos too hehe

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Feels like there are a lot of people that like playing with rainbow colors. Definitely would never use the word “puke” to describe that.

Even if people try to go for these colors in sovereign, before they actually get them might take a very long time.

I really want to know what people want to see in EXOWORLDS, not in their sovereign worlds lol


Rainbow puke in a good way :blush:

Like a super psychedelic world

I think it’s good that the perm planets are visually aesthetic, but it would be fun if a wonky rule-breaking Exo appeared once in awhile.

ie: Doomed Exo = plentiful ash, corruption, coal, gravel, pertrolim, diamonds, fossils. Nightmarish prefabs. Doomed caves/temples. Resources are usually black, grays, purples.

Glitch or Gleambow Exo = anything, anywhere, any color. Luminous green sand? Check. Shadow red Glowcaps? Check. Cobalt goo? Check. Prefabs in the sky? Check. Floating rock spheres with black gleam in the center? Check.

Home of the Hunter (T8?) Exo = rare & scary. Red gleam, red water, dark skies. She’ll stalk you & you won’t even know it. Then…jump scare! She’s in your face! Defeat 3 Hunters to summon the mighty Titan.


Ohh those would be so cool!
I really like your ideas!!

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Shadow world: All dark/night hued blocks with some vivid colors for folliages, mushrooms.

Tinted World where the rocks, soils, woods are in a similar tonal range of the same color. Ceruleans ranging from Pale to Night so we see a variety of materials, instead of the same teal/turquoise 100 times over. Gray Tinted World would be almost monochromatic, like DK suggests.

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Loving your ideas! :slight_smile: