If you could pick just one thing

true, but a quest type system as described here has its merits as well. for those who dont play everyday and dont want to fall behind in a rapidly shifting player economy this would be a massive boon. its also helpful to those waiting several hours for their refinery queues to finish haha. it could provide something extra to do, to fill time. and i agree with @Dzchan94’s original thought, this would help increase foot traffic in cities.

Plus you guys would get to brag about Player driven quests, what other game has that? :wink:

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We could also just expand via plinths as you said. I remember @SilberB mentioning trading plinths, where you traded said resource for another resource instead of coins. You’ll have to power that special plinth or pay running costs with coin, so it doesn’t offer an unfair advantage above the rest. Further expanding into it, will create the sensation of questing. We don’t have to do it through objectives frame work. Again, I don’t know how complicated it would be to do. So I’m sorry if I’m just spewing ideas, like they’re easy to achieve.


Remove tax for trading. :sunglasses:

Entire planetary system + overhauled sunlight/moonlight system.

Now boundlessverse actually hasn’t any another structure except graph of planet order. I want to see some more consistent structure with planets orbiting around suns, large moons orbiting around planets and small moons orbiting around large moons as well as saving illuminated side of each planets from every point of view - by neighbour moon, Sanctury or planet surface itself. This last desire will require total overhaul of day-/nightlight system. You have done perfect daylight system since 2014, but now you must go further. Every big object in sky - the next moons and planets must be a light source with its own brightness and colour parameters. And day with night must event simultaneously in each world - one half of world has day and other half has night with steady moving terminator line.

Some worlds will have two suns, some will have no daycircle with area where day always is and areas where night always is; in some worlds “day” will mean “when large moon in zenith” and in some worlds “night” will mean “when all moons are finally set under the skyline”. It long way but deserveful.

As part of this planets’ sizes must be determined by actual size of world and distance to that. Now all worlds have size 4608x4608 blocks, but moonworlds look gigantic from homeworlds and homeworlds look not so big from moonworlds.

Thank you for attention.


Ha!!! hit on the head for everyone who tried convincing me water transportation was not going to be part of the game :sunglasses:


And how about world regeneration overhaul?

I already spoke about here and there.

Beekeeping/breeding. Catch wild bees, build a beehouse, surround with flowers.
Different flowers result in different honey.

Honey can be brewn/crafted/cooked into potions such as faster run speed, faster mining speed, health regen.

Bonus points for having different strains of bees as well that prefer to be in different biomes (cold bees, desert bees, cave bees) that all need different resources. Preferably in addition to this we would be able to make different beehouses that simulate these environments, so that we don’t have to spread beehouses all over the world.

Can you tell I like bees? :slight_smile:


Diving suit (with/or a breathing mask) and lava proof suit.


This idea is awesome. Maybe this is taking it too far, but what if the bees could also act as guards for your plots?

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Beecons! /10char


BlowGun - for healing and damaging or some exotic things like curse or berserk.


After a few weeks of city planning I would like to change my answer to plots that can be used over other plots without the need for them to conect. Also the ability to alow or block other people from building in the same vertical zone.


The C and S shaped plots is coming in an update


Not sure if this has been mentioned but I would love to see a history tab that shows how many blocks you’ve broken, how many of each type of gems you’ve broken, how many creatures killed, how many times you’ve died and by what means…the list goes on and on. I would imagine something like that would be fairly easy to implement, however there are many other things that are clearly more important than that. Just a thought.


I’ll second this

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That’s a great idea! Sometimes the little ones get forgotten in games. Love it!

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Something like a drill or a capacitor that can be set only on a bedrock. With a mechanics like in furnace. You put a special container in it and press the start button. For a long period of time this machine fill the container. For exemple, one percent in hour. It may be some substance for crafting or fueling of some other machienes.


I’m probably late to the party, but the single most important >thing< I’m longing for in this game is:

The abilitiy to add and build moving parts to your creations.
I’m talking about rotating windmill stails, drawbridges, elevators, orbiting floating crystals, etc, … creativity is the limit.

A short video to get you hooked on what could be done with simple rotation and translation:
(If you dont want to watch more than 5 mins, just watch this one!)

This video is more in depth and shows how the system works:

StarMade also has a system for this going. It’s more elegant and thought out but also more complex:

Edit: Just for clarification: Both systems come with A LOT of additional functionality.
But thats not what I’m asking for. I’m after the visual aspect of it.
Just a rotation and translation system would be enough to build awesome things.


I’ve been thinking about spark quite a bit. How can we manipulate it more? I know some spark using machinery ideas are already in the works, and I’ve mentioned using spark to increase speed or production amounts per spark unit used, but here’s some more.

Spark power plants. Imagine some communal project for a city, people put in compressed coals and the power plant intensifies its power output. Spark engineer becomes a new skill line. Oooh, use ice to cool the power plant - gives ice a use!

Portable spark - use it to power weapons, tools, movement boosts, defensive items, trinkets that give buffs with skills that increase the lifespan of the portable unit you use, how many items it powers, the quality of the items it powers, or use it for spark-based magic.

Spark engineer would be so much fun!