If you could pick just one thing


As the title says, if you could pick just one thing to add to the game what would it be and why?

Try to keep your answers short and to the point. Bonus points if you concept up the item (MS Paint skills are fine)!

Please note that this is just for fun, I can’t promise that anything anyone suggests will make it in to the game (even the item I’m about to suggest).

I’ll start you off with an easy one, I would like to see “a bucket” added to the game. Whether it is to carry water to your build or to manipulate water in place.

Here is a concept that you may have already seen, full disclosure I didn’t draw it, I did a @Steggs101 and borrowed it from another Developer (thank you @Minyi).

Update ideas

I must admit I am lusting for a water bucket but since you already suggested it I’m going to go with signs and mailboxes. I would use both on a regular basis.
Edit: I know I know that’s two but I just can’t make up my mind :no_mouth:


Macro modular statues. Much like the column and pillars concept, but of player models. Leg poses, torso/hand poses, head poses that can be stacked and recombined. Bonus if hand poses include various items in hand like lances and hammers.

Imagine, city streets lined with the larger than life statues of its greatest heros and contributors!


I would like collectible resources which are extremely rare to be introduced.
They would serve only as a decoration.

  • XXX Ore - 10 times as rare as gems.
  • YYY Ore - 50 times as rare as gems.
  • ZZZ Ore - 100 times as rare as gems.
  • MMM Ore - 200 times as rare as gems.
  • SSS Ore - 1000 times as rare as gems.
  • OOO Ore - 1000 times as rare as gems.

Why? As a player with 390h playtime I’d love to have an opportunity to find rare resources that i can put in a display. And it would make mining even more interesting.
Purpose Think about players who discover something new after 100 hours of playing. Think about community that discovers something for the first time months after launch. Community tend to work together on certain goals. People create sheets of data in order to find out how mechanics works, what’s the drop rate from CSGO caches, ESO crates, they create better and better builds for classes - just check any game’s reddit or even our boundless forum. Let them search for new resources to decorate their houses in unique way.
People need new things and that’s an easy way to make the game more interesting

Dig EXTREMELY rare resources

it sounds interesting (it worked out before pss discover 18 quintylion planets) and rare resources can really grab attention of cave miners like me.

And when it comes to psychology, people play games to achieve something, to be different. And what’s more rewarding than finding something really precious? :wink:


Seamless glass.


Yesss good call!


Hang gliders

1000% YES


Instead of seamless glass, which was stated by Jess to be a problem she wanted to fix but couldn’t because of reasons (I’ve lost he thread it was on the found at one point)

Glass windows of a maximum size, like a portal, that when placed will form edges around the shape you made. So the frame exists around the outside, but it can’t be so large you can’t see the frame


A pet! Preferably a pet that could be used either in combat and/or some basic mining, say restricted to only 3 layers deep. Even just a companion pet that simply follows you and makes cute, entertaining gestures and/or sounds would be cool. Mountable pets could also be considered.

I’d also like to give a thumbs up to @Karokendo suggestion as I too very much like to find and collect very rare things, useful or simply vanity! =) This game is very much about one showing off their assets, mainly in the form of their build/s, so rare and super-rare items only make sense IMHO. :wink:


I’d like to expand on your idea with progressive pets.

Have for example the need to catch tier 1 creatures in the wild. Train them and develop them according to your needs. Say you want a flying mount, catch a tier 1 Cuttletrunk, and invest in developing him in having more flight time, more altitude, faster speed or simply some elemental sort of damage to it. Or just have a nice stroll down town with your friendly wildstock.


As for my idea: Engines

I would love to have engines being able to move fluids or blocks, only affecting things inside your beacon, and maybe for purely aesthetics reasons, to be further expanded into something useful.

I’ve pondered with the idea of creating a water fountain and some sort of aqueducts ever since the foundation of Pixel Gate. Serene and calm water is nice. But just imagine the possibilities, a water fountain, water running through the city.

And the first thing I’ve wanted to build since I discovered ice, Water Parks.


Here is her explanation on glass blocks and their limitations:


Yeah I was trying to say a way to implement “seamless glass” while still accepting limitations


At least achieve something like this


Yeah at least have the borders only on the outside of the glass and not between every single block. Either that or I’m sure something could be done relatively inexpensively using post-processing to have semi-transparency on blocks, I know older games used this trick for stuff like hazy smoke.


This is just turning into a topic of glass. I’d say if anyone wants to talk about glass specifically, we should move it to the post linked.

I can’t “split” posts like Stretch can.


I’ll leave the current glass related posts here for reference … for anyone else wanting to carry on the discussion of glass … Go Here!

One thing I would like to see is colour coded beacon controls (with the ability to extend each specifically coloured beacons plot size using the current method).

This would allow you to have multiple separate beacons in the same area, which could be used to segregate different sets of permissions/restrictions among friends. Want to grant access to a single beacon where you can share resources with your neighbours? Just add them to your blue beacon control (etc.)

This would also allow you to essentially rent out space in your main building without people having access to your entire build (which would also help to circumvent the current vertical plot blocking restriction).

Beacon Permissions

It would also made for easier plotting and distinguishing between things. Plot roads one color and houses and common areas another color. I truly have a hard time plotting sometimes, and the lighting conditions can kinda make plotting impossible.


Just one picture:

I vaguely remember @dave mentioning something like CPU blocks about 2 years ago, still hoping to hear about them again someday

This and PvP. Definitely PvP. But you since already confirmed that… :wink:


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