If you could pick just one thing


Something simple i guess. Need the indication of all machinery state!!! (WB,Comp,Extr,Mixr,Ref)
Here are exemple with Workbench

If machine just loaded but not started

If it work but empty

the work is completed and it is signalised that there is a completed items


Items/blocks automatically go to inventory after braking/mining…

tired of items jumping off cliffs, and my gems falling in to lava if I neglect to build something to stand on / catch it… also it can be a bit uneasy building in a public space if I’m tearing something down. It seems like it would be easier on the server to not have to create and keep track of an item just for it to be picked up almost immediately. If the inventory is full then items could still drop on the ground as normal.

A good example of a sandbox game doing this is “7 Days to Die”

Let me know if there is a key disign reason for this… it seems to me that it’s only purpose is to be annoying… I guess it does give the option to NOT pick something up when braking it, but for me that is almost never.


Some sort of ‘flying’ blocks? Or a craftable levitation device? Imagine making a blimp where you can get all your friends on and tour over cities taking photos!


I wish I could play, but I am waiting patiently for the PS4 version! Can’t wait to play with all you wonderful people!


Trophies of creatures you’ve slain (head mounts or miniature figures, a framed feather/claw/horn even) I think these would be neat decorations that also show off some of your creature related accomplishments.


Kind of a duo but I want both player written books and empty versions of all the upcoming library shelf blocks. The books would be written by players and then crafted as any other item into a readable/storable book. Until it was crafted it would be on some form of scrap paper that is not storable on library shelves. This would allow players to craft single books, a few copies of a book, or mass produce the book. Once crafted the book itself would display the author, the date it was published, and the number of original copies.


I would like to have option to freely change GUI positions


Backpacks. To be able to carry more stuff when moving a base or just when you find amazing mineral deposits, or when you feel like carrying home a mountain. Let’s be honest, the amount that we can carry right now is already that of a large dumptruck, so why not make it a bit more?


levitation unlimited Z and a 50 Y 50 Z movement for making building on high structures easier without the cheating of flying.


Some cool ideas so far, keep them coming :slight_smile:


I love that idea @Mittekemuis. Perhaps even levitation pads that cause the area above to become zero gravity - like you’re swimming in water.

This would also be a good work around for elevators and tight spiral staircases.


I know I already said my bit but I can’t help but imagine @Dzchan94 's idea about engines and moving blocks. Do you think rails could be built? Even with a simple on/off + 1 speed mode? Imagine trains linking cities on the same planet or even skyrails surrounding a city perimeter! Even elevators in large structures! haha I say simple but I’m sure implementing it is hell

I think all the sight seeing I’m doing is making me think of modes of transportation a lot. :monorail: :mountain_cableway: :steam_locomotive:


I was angling for just one idea per post, in an attempt to get decent reasoning why that idea was great. By all means post more than one idea/post.


redstone already in game it’s Tubes http://boundlesscrafting.com/img/item-real/64/spark_cord.png


I think he means more specifically the logic gates and mechanisms that come with Redstone that allows it to create everything from timed auto-farms to computers.


Hah, yeah - sorry for somewhat derailing your original idea.

One thing?



No worries :slight_smile:


Pumps for water. It depends what phisics of water will be. You can switch it in it’s small menu (out or in) and rotate with chisel. They need pipes (already in game) to connect each other and with power core (use sparks). It will be possible to temporarily drain the lakes for underwater construction. Or move the water to the place that you need.


A communication device that lets you type to players/friends far away and if they are on other planets you need to upgrade it depending on what planet they are on. :kissing:


or the rocket boots :rocket::yum: