If you could pick just one thing


@Havok40k is right, what I’m talking about are logic blocks.

But you’ve also got a point, the pipes/tubes seem quite similar.
“Just” adding AND, OR, NOT, XOR and maybe some Latch / FlipFlop blocks in addition to some sensors like buttons, switches and pressure plates (you know, the Minecraft stuff) and actuators (lights, pistons), that all incorporate the established pipe mechanic would do the trick.


furniture/decor items - or at least the ability to do more refined chiseling of blocks to emulate the look of furniture on a smaller scale


More than that, with spark cores consuming fuel and pipes being able to float, you could make better machines than mc allows with its Redstone blocks and dust system.


a tab under the beacon control that gives you number by number metrics of how many materials are in your plots. I have a lot of glass and refined igneous rock, but i cant actually tell how many i have, besides my best guesses, like 1300 glass and 1600 refined igneous rock.

having a way to tell that would be cool, and could also be part of the method to implementing the oft requested blueprints. where you need all those materials to build a blueprint, this would be a cool tab


Signs or some kind of write-able surface please! (and the buckets!)


Since now I can give more than one idea.

Sliding doors

Just imagine the possibilities, Asian houses, supermarkets, malls, modern houses, contemporary buildings, etc.
I also need to solve my addiction with contemporary houses.


Any other type of door would be appreciated. Even if different wood colours changed the colour of door I’d be happier.

I assume something like this is in the pipeline - or at least metallic doors of some kind?


Oh… Ladders!!! (OK, sorry it’s more than one thing, but there are so many great things that can be added!) :wink:


it’s not that we don’t want it, we just don’t mind what we have. we consider other ones preferable to have. but Storage is on my mind, i just am… pretty okay with what’s already here


I really like the shelves compared to mc chests. Sure you don’t get nearly as many spaces, but each spot can hold a smart stack of the item so it evens out overall. I also really like looking at the items on shelves, much better than checking each chest to see what’s inside. So yeah, ‘better’ storage isn’t really needed right now, and there are plenty of more interesting and useful things that I would love to see added before them.


Aside from some way to move water/lava, I think I’d like to see ropes. I would draw a picture in paint or something, but I’m terrible at it and a rope is a rope, right? I think they’d fill a functional niche between grapples and the presumably up-coming ladders (I’m sure I’ve seen concept artwork for them) without negating the usefulness of either.

For a simplistic approach, you would either tie them to a block or fire one end with the same kind of mechanisms that grapples use. Then the rope would just unfurl down (either from the underneath or side of the block it is attached to) until it reaches another block or reaches it’s maximum length. Then you could climb up and down them with the same keys to swim up / down.

A more advanced concept would be that a rope would need to be tied ‘around’ a block, and could them be pulled / draped somewhere manually. However, achieving something like that would be a LOT more work and while cool, would be entirely overkill.

I think it has a lot of scope to tie (terrible pun intended) into existing features, and provides opportunities to expand on the basic principle. Perhaps rope climbing speed could be increased by having a higher strength / Endurance stat. Maybe basic ropes could break when more than one person is climbing them at a time, but different / better materials could increase that number before breaking, or maybe the maximum length a rope can unfurl to.

Also, somewhat more flippantly: It’s something vanilla Minecraft doesn’t have - That’s always a plus, right?


Fireworks, we definitely need a craftable fireworks :tada: Which can be launched from the hands.


A rename of smelted iron from “iron” to something that dictates it easily. I’ve found a few time I be had confusion of calling it refined, when it’s smelted.

I was amazed that @SilberB had 891 refined titanium until I realised he meant he had smelted titanium ingots. Calling them ingots in game would help clear that confusion


Yea thats my bad, just a matter of speech tho, considering when you smelt some ore you refine it (most games does it that way) and i tend to actually forget that there is a refinery in the game here haha


Yeah that’s all it’s about, a simple way to clarify for everyone, “silver ingot” but different than a “silver alloy” (which could be why it’s currently phrased as such)


Could we PRETTY-PLEASE-WITH-A-CHERRY-ON-TOP get some blasting abilities/mats through a skill tree talent or something? I think it’d be a blast, pun intended, to get to the point where you could either throw or set down some explosives, light the fuse and blow up several blocks that wouldn’t get destroyed, but could instead be picked up. I see this as a late-game highly specialized line of abilities/creations that people could get better at. Maybe when they start it only blows up 2x2x2 blocks (8 total) but as they level up the skill/progress up the tree/build better explosives they can blow up volumes as large as plots. This would be one of the nicest abilities in a game like boundless. Not only could you instantly clear plots that you wanted to, but you could pick up 512 material blocks to use!


yeah this would be cool, but you’d have to be very careful, because as this is an MMO they also need to keep griefing to a minimum, partially through minimizing possibilities of griefing, partially through reporting and removing.

plus if @Dzchan94 got a hold of blast mining, he’d break down a mountain just cuz he could. (but i do like the sound of blast mining, you’d just want to make it somewhat expensive)


There’s already plans for bombs and explosive ammo. Those have my name on them. Don’t worry I will just blow up things not pertaining to anybody. Pretty soon. You’ll find me being the first on a planet and flattening it. :smile:


DZ you’d take an entire planet down to lava if you had enough dedication and bombs


FYI: It seems like bombs are already on their way: