If you could pick just one thing


I’ve known about these bombs since they were announced, but everything I’ve read about them made them sound like they were weapons. I don’t think it’s ever been said as to whether they’ll break blocks, destroy them, or what their interaction with blocks will be.


I don’t know how expensive/rare it should be. We have skill trees that are supposedly going to improve mining capacity. We already have advanced hammers (gems and whatnot) that will allow for increased mining capacity as well. We don’t really know just how crazy-fast people are going to be able to mine if they have enhanced tools (not only mats, but the other enhancements they’re adding) and the upgraded skills. If only people who spend many skill-points could blast-mine and the bombs took a long time to create, it may not be all that much more effective than those who have great tools and spent points in other mining skills.

Besides, the griefing would only be temporary unless somebody placed beacons and plots down as well. That’s the beauty of regeneration.


Agreed!!! :heart_eyes:


I have a strong sense of accomplishment after collecting many resources and crafting mass amounts of high grade tools. That being said I would love for there to be a way to better display such thungs. A weapon/tool display rack would be an amazing addition to show off our hard earned items.


Kinda surprised this hasn’t been said yet… sorry if I missed it somehow

Head lamps!

I’ve saw a posts with some impressive concept art for this very idea… that I might dig up at some point.

(Expand to see the pic)

I’m sure everyone here has been mining and realized they needed to have a grapple, hammer, AND a light sorce out at the sametime.


I would also like to see some long term missions/goals. Things that you can craft or build that would take a rediculous amount of resources but once completed would be well worth the effort. For instance…the ability to craft a certain rare block that grants a special privilege or power but requires 100 refined gold blocks. Obviously it would take a long time to craft that many gold blocks, but once you did you could craft something truly worthwhile.


actually i think i saw somewhere a glowing bracelets and even someone draw it. But not here i see…

found it :arrow_right: https://forum.playboundless.com/t/question-share-your-ideas-…


Ladders :smiley:
Yeah, I know we have dual hand grapple, but ladders are much niftier in some situations. Also, maybe I don’t want to use grapple just to move around my builds.

Ladder blocks. (Why winding stairs are over-rated.)

This can be a bit long so brace yourself.
I was thinking what would I want to see in the game and ended thinking about fighting spitters and cuttletrunks etc and that we currently have slingbow and grapple to use plus there’s lance coming soon. I’m happy out as I believe quality is better than quantity so I don’t need 100 types of weapons to chose from. I’m missing on the defense department though as we only have dodging in our arsenal as of now so I thought shields.

They shouldn’t be too big and there shouldn’t be too many types of them, so not too complicate things and keep it simple as with offensive weapons.

After some thinking that followed I came up with 3 types of them that could be introduced: lets call them basic, mechanic and energy shields.

BASIC SHIELDS Typical solid fantasy/medieval style, made of wood, copper, iron or titanium. I thought gems, gleam, silver and gold could be used for decorative upgrades on them, but whatever. :grin:
Would have durability of course, going down with each blocked damage until it reaches 0 and the shield is broken.
Would have elemental effects available for them, so in case of a direct contact between an attacker and the shield, boom!! (So if a vicious wildstock goes at you with a headbutt, you can not only block the attack and all damage but also affect the monster with fire, ice, corrosion, shock or else. Just don’t add healing effect to your shield…)

MECHANIC SHIELDS These ones would have a central piece with a mechanism inside that would enable fin-like parts to slide out to form the full shield. Crafting of such shield would require a tech fragment and maybe some spark to create a battery like load of the shield (each sliding out and retracting of the fins would use some energy and after a while the shield would have to be charged in a workbench: placing it in there would work like plugging in I imagine).
Elemental effects available as well.

ENERGY SHIELDS Would have a central piece made of iron/titanium and would create an energetic protecting field around it upon activating (so I imagine tech fragments or components to be involved in crafting process). Just like a mechanic shield would have a load of energy to be used for activating, but also for blocking damage (I imagine this working this way - every time an attack is blocked the shield energy is depleted so it needs to be recharged not just for activating but for blocking as well).
Elemental effects welcome of course.

As for pictures I have an example of a mechanic shield here (yes, you can laugh :joy: especially the lavender bicep is epic)

The red part is the central part attached to the forearm - blue parts are the fins. The vertical ones here slide out first and then smaller ones slide out to the sides. In the end the smallest fins pop-out vertically again. You reverse that order for retracting of course.
I had a few different shapes and combinations of fins but I forgot to save the image and its lost - I guess I was trying to be too fast.

Heres how it might look like on a character from Boundless - it ended too small (you would think about doubling the size of fins) but you can get the idea.

As for energy - I imagined 2 circles of the field emitted from two corners of a central piece. Below you can see how it would look like when activated in front of the arm (yes, you can laugh again :laughing: ). Second picture shows it from the arm side - you can see the red central piece that would be attached to the forearm - two opposite corners of the piece are emitting the elliptic energy fields. Then you have a view from behind with an outline of an arm - you can see the red central piece and two different ways of creating the energy field. The circles might be emitted out to different distance from the central piece and work like layers, or be emitted at the same distance and merged together.

Many other shapes and configurations are possible (wont even go to the materials, colors and such). And yes, I believe talented people working on the visual side of Boundless can do amazing shields, way more inspiring and all - providing the devs would be interested in introducing shields at all.

Either way I had fun thinking and imagining all that in the game.

Thanks for your patience.
Stay :boundless:


Very cool idea!


Magic - such as spells or something


Absolutely awesome idea.
Shields would make a great addition to the combat of this game. Especially because of the synergy they usually add to group play.

However, I think that actual shields might feel a bit out of place, considering how the combat plays out atm (and might even be tricky to actually make).
So I think that something like the shields in ‘Spiral Knights’ would be better suited for this game:

Those shields look like shields on your character but generate a 360° unidirectional bubble around you. Something similar could suit the combat and also fit the theme of Boundless (make it square and call it mini/portable - beacon :wink:)

Anyway, great idea. Hopefully some devs take a look at your suggestion.


Telescope or binoculars


I only need @yota telescope :wink:


So i was thinking about this the other day and i saw someone talk about taming pets, and that idea just struck me. i love the idea of taming some of the monsters that i do nothing but kill otherwise! maybe with a separate skill system for them too. like a pet can be a Gatherer, Mount, or Fighter, perhaps? im open to suggestions on this. Each race of monster could have different abilities in each of the roles, with standardized skills to improve them.
for instance, in the Mount category, maybe Cuttletrunks could glide (because we’re heavy? otherwise crawling with the tentacles or something), Wildstock could have a small inventory of their own, Roadrunners could sprint (or gallop?), maybe Spitters could swim faster or something,and Hoppers could leap up several blocks.
i think this could be really fun, because it would encourage players to travel all over looking not only for different monsters, but also for the right color and head shape etc etc, plus we could bring some utility from them :slight_smile: ooh, maybe as we level them up their tier changes to match? anyone else have thoughts on this?


Pvp is confirmed?

Cause I would be so happy if Pvp is confirmed (with safe zones of course, I’m not a maniac)


An idea for these poles, if they could be made 100% modular by having a design for each material, but not a single set in stone pattern. Instead of only being wood and stone, it could be wood and copper. So not only is it modular in parts, it’s modular in colours as well.

My idea was another machine to deal with these modular parts, where you select the base material, then the trim/filigree, and then need to put enough of each in to make one.

It could get a little tedious, but I think it’d be worth it to have 100% modular items like that. (Obviously not applicable to every item, only certain decorations was my idea)


And this was @Faelan 's answer regarding the post above:

Thus I consider them as confirmed.

Yeah, we are all with you


Ok here goes one idea I’ve had after the revamped objectives system and the need proposed for automated machines.

Just as it’s been mentioned before, about the importance of guilds, capital cities and towns, community and solo play, players who play constantly and those who take extended breaks. I think I’ve come with an idea that should help better the overall experience of every player. Quests given by players

I don’t know how hard it will be to code or implement, or if it can take advantage of the current objective system in the test version. But what it basically proposes is players taking request from players to gather certain resources for certain rewards (coins, resources, etc) initially I would limit it to a trade of resources, but if simplicity and game allows, maybe also include services like building, tame or hunting, etc. It could also allow for specific access to a beacon to be fueled with the quest system.

It will help solo players to achieve more with their resources, and players taking a break, not falling behind, as they have other players doing some progress under certain confusions for them.

It will help towns, cities and guilds. By increasing interest in going daily or weekly in search of not only new merchandise or builds, but also quests. Also allowing for more foot fall to enter their pockets. Making it easier to develop new expansions, portals and so on.

The guilds and cities offering the best quests will be flooded by players willing to take them.

It will also allow for a system to track contribution to a guild and to basically eliminate the necessity of someone managing the storage daily and having possibilities of griefing. As the quest system works as a middle man, possibly awarding points inside the guild, making for an easy to track system in terms of scaling up the ranks.

I’ve gone deep into the topic. But I’ve never seen a game with an implemented quest system. And I think it could be a nice addition. Sorry if I’m not understanding the complications that it is to implement.

Edit: I think they could work with a quest token, similar to a portal token. There would be a sort of different plinth with those in there. You’ll have to return the quest token and the request in said plinth to obtain your reward. Credit to @Xanotos for the idea.

Aditionaly the central guild could give special event quests that any guild could take on request and complete, for limited rewards. Like a special marked block to keep in the hall of the city or guild, etc. Credit to @UmbraVictus


I really like this idea! A+