If you had to pick 3 eyecolors you could put in the game

Just a short discussion on which eye colors you really want to see ingame, i know its kinda dependant on race, but still, i also wanted to do haircolors and skin colors but i think that should wait. ti’ll we know the races


Light Blue:


What do you guys want?


Purple/violet because awesome :slight_smile:


dual eye color :slight_smile:

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All these pictures have females, what about guys? And why are their eyes glowing so much? And why is that kid in the bottom picture so creepy?

But for colors as long as there is green and blue i’m happy.

¨Cause when you just search for a certain eye color there is most pictures of girls, also the eyes shine because the light have been changed in them.

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Sorry it was the best picture i could find :smiley:

I would love deep black (all of the eye) or some other pure mono-colored eyes for one or two races … may be there is one made of crystal or magic :wink:


can we talk about how tedious this is? Like you’d see your eye color only if you looked very very very very closely and were intent on figuring out that sort of thing…
Personally I’d like more cartoon like eyes (no not anime [please not anime])
(like gorillaz maybe?) Very simple kinda shapes, but still incredibly expressive

This is all assuming that our creatures even have eyes… We could be rollin blind you know.

Just give me a color wheel, we have the technology.

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Color wheels always ends messing up stuff i don’t trust these things :fearful:

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Not if they’re done right. A simple RGB value can go through literally any computer possible color. Black, white, and everything in between.

Give this a go.

Now, before it comes to question… Perhaps a slider to determine whether or not, and how brightly your pupils glow. The glow translates based on your color as well, so if you have blue eyes, the glow is blue. In fact. I’m going to make an entirely different post based on an idea I just got!

i am also for RGB for eyes, would be amazing, also kinda wants it for hair but if that covers fur it would get kinda weird.

This is one of those tradeoffs where we might want to give players less control for the sake of design. It’s nice to be able to customize, but having neon yellow eyesores roaming the worlds might not mesh that well with the game’s look. I think if we keep the color wheel to just eyes then we should be ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

and white blank eyes would go well with the game?

That was just a style idea. What I was saying was more simple eye designs that don’t really need color. but Tbh those eyes might look pretty good in game as long as they are done correctly.

Definitely have to agree on the yellow/golden eyes.

when i can i prefer to make a dark skin character with yellow eyes and white hair. i just love that combination for some reason

Yeah amber eyes are kinda awesome, they work great with the more feral races especially.

as far as im aware snakes and cats are the only 2 with yellow eyes, no ?

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Not really sure, I know you can make amber look fantastic on every wolf/bear/other hunter/nature monster.

apparently owls also have yellow eyes.

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