If you're wondering how to craft something

@playboundless just tweeted out this link and it’s pretty useful!


The Name was @Stretchious not playboundless but else you are right ^.^

Not sure what you mean. I’m talking about the tweet.

It was by @Stretchious.

Oh, has he shown it on the forum before or something? Cause this is new to me.

I only just posted it up this evening :wink:

Still working on improving it … hopefully it will be even more useful in the next couple of days


Original post here: Wiki MOBILISING A TEAM

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Oh, ok. Good work!
I should pay more attention in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

So today both me and @Cirlex learned somthing new:

Playboundless have a discourse acount
and @Stretchious have a twitter

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Not on the forum, I was talking about their twitter =)

I posted a small update to the site to better show the quantities of materials required to craft something (as per the style used in game).

I’m currently working on adding missing items, images and additional information (if anyone notices any items that I missed, please give me a shout!)

After that I will expand on the functionality to include each of the colour variations for any blocks that have them and which world they can then be found on.

Will update further as and when I make improvements :smile:


On the boundlesscrafting.com website the section with the blocks and props is doing one of those optical illusions for me where you can see dark dots in the grey space at the corners of each of the items but not if you look directly at it. Anyone else seeing that?


Now that you mention it, I can see it. Let’s call it an unintended feature!

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Is cooked meat missing or am I blind?

-edit- BTW this is amazing and I love it and wow.

Thanks @Squidgy ! Yup, I haven’t added any foods yet… mainly because I hadn’t seen them in game yet.

How do you get cooked meat? I saw a there was a holding image for ‘Raw Meat’ in the Steam folder when I was trawling through it last night… is that available as well?

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Raw meat is obtained from killing creatures, and cooked meat is raw meat + a torch I believe :slight_smile:

Nice, thanks - I’ve added it in :smile:

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