Illegal protocol msg Xafrant Lamblis portal PS

For 3 days now I have been getting “illegal protocol msg” on ONLY 1 portal. Thats the one from xafrant (PS) to Lamblis. Now i can go around through gyosha to bypass but I think somethings wrong with that portal. Plus the oorty doll thats sitting there laughs at me (lol)


Sheet, I think you’re the second person with the issue. I’m not in game, can you give the devs the coords of the portal.

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certainly its odd because i can get to lamblis just cant exit back out will edit coords in sec

COORDS -176N 2276E alt 84

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Happens to me too:

Usually I run through the portal and straight back…that works fine.

But if you try and load that portal it does this message.

Hmm concerning.

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exactly same thing

You’re right, the portal doesn’t seem to load at all. Thanks for the reports and screenshot, I’ve added this to the bug database for a software engineer to look at.


Where is the lamblis side portal? since when has it been broken?

It’s failing as the portal on the xa front side is referencing a portal that doesnt exist on the lamblis side somehow, so when the client tries to create the connection it gives the lamblis server an invalid portal id for the connection to begin and is rejected, whilst the reverse is (presumably) fine as it is referenced correctly and client can make the connection fine and you would be able to walk into xa-front and then walk back again as long as the connection is already set up.

this portal id system was changed quite a while ago, so wondering if it has been broken for a long time; if not it would imply that perhaps someone had closed the portal and setup a new connection and its managed to get stuck in an invalid state server-side. Funnily enough the client sends a request to verify the state if a connection ever fails, which it does so here. and then the lamblis server is responding with “everything looks fine here…” hah :frowning:


It’s becoming self aware.

Well PS portals went down a few days ago that may be why they had to refuel.

Could this be why I’ve lost hundreds of thousands of oort in portals?

If you are talking about trying to open a portal for the first time, then absolutely not. if the connection cant be established then no oort will ever be spent. A case like this portal between xa-front/lamblis doesnt cause any oort to be consumed by the action of trying to connect to the world as a client, though the portal will of course keep consuming oort regardless (dont know if the side in question is the fuelled side or not).

Are you talking about the case of having oort in a portal, and then you start to destroy/change the shape of the portal and the shards pop-out and if you arent careful you can lose them? (This being because the portal only exists as an interactable entity when its in a rectangular shape, and when its not rectangular there is no-where for the oort to exist)

I’ve talked about this in other post of mine but can’t seem to figure it out. It has been happening to me and another for a while. Taking our oort as we put it in a portal to refuel. No oort given back and no fuel added. We run a large network so this is very frustrating. For a week now it has seemed to not have done it though like it was for months.

I dont understand sorry, why would you take oort out of a portal to refuel it?

Sorry typos . I corrected it lol. The portal accepts the oort we put in and it literally disappears. No fuel is added. Some cases it would just kick it back into the inventory and not accept it at all. I would have someone else fuel them when this would happen. Which was a lot for a while.

If it doesn’t happen anymore I’m over it. Prob lost large amounts between us two. It’s a entire network. We had fueled portal many times where the counter had 2 days left and the portal would be closed 8 hours later. This happens to a lot of people I hear but I know a lot also may not pay attention or just think they seen something that really was not there. I’m sure this has happened to me at times.

that’s not a behaviour I’ve been informed about (or seen) personally, and no changes have occured in that system for quite a long time…

Weird that the last patch has changed the lag running from portal to portal on the high tiers. This may have been a cause? I’m not sure. I just know what everyone talks about in ps4 and discord voice. And we share in many cases exact concerns which no one can help. Hopefully it is better but if I see it do it more I’ll video it for you.

I have experienced that bug, but if I go through like 2 portals, or go far enough for the portal to not be loaded anymore, it does show me that it is full when I come back to it to check. So now I just don’t double check it anymore. If it keeps the oortshards from my inventory (if it doesn’t give them back), I keep moving along.

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He feeds on our suffering.


Sometimes you have to take oort out before the portal will take any to refuel. Had to do that yesterday in Mae’s Town->Hub in Quark. After taking some out, it then accepts the refueling as you’d expect.