iLLumiNaughty Co-Op

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We still have plots available in the iLlumiNaughty Co-Op! If you’d like to participate in this community project, please let me know!

For those who don’t know what it is, the co-op is built for the community to shop, be creative and work together to maximize our ability to support our guilds.


There are currently two co-op locations. The original is on Trior in iLLumiNaughty. The new location is in Cephonex Merika, where I have availability. You can get there directly from iLLumiNaughty, via the Us East Ultima hub, PS Gyosha Ophin, and from the Witches Brew.

For more info you can find me on PSN @ginabean70 or on our discord,

Gina is the best!

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let me know when you’re available I’m still interested :slight_smile: @ginabean

I’ll be on in about an hour!

Ooooo Gina we should hold races at the coop. Build a wall at the start and smash it with a 3x3 to start the race; have someone drop a stack of gold or whatever at the end and have 30 people race through the coop to see who gets there first :wink:

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Lol… that actually sounds like fun! I have two large project atm but as soon as I’m done I will try that! It would be grapple Mahem!

Or no grapples allowed. Make it a foot race. Or teams and allowed to grapple other teams to slow them down lmao

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If you’re on now I can get you a plot!

Ok give me 5 min i start de ps4