Illuminoorti Story Writing Competition Idea

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Hello and welcome, We are thinking of hosting a story writing competition right here on the forum and would like to see your thoughts on this.

Feel free to ask questions about this idea.

  • Yes, I am interested
  • No, I am not interested
  • Maybe, I am on the fence

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Feel free to suggest ideas and/or prizes you might want for a writing competition

I am the coordinator of this idea, so for any questions message me

P.S. currently nothing is quite set in stone yet, with this just being to see who would like to see this happen
P.P.S. currently submissions are also not being accepted until it is announced that we are definitely doing this


What’s the subject?

well what would you like it to be? I am very open to suggestions

it could be the Oort, it could be Wildstock

I am thinking something to do with the old galaxy and its destruction, maybe a story of a peoples escape to a new galaxy, or it could be a prophecy, predicting the end of the old galaxy

“A day in the life of a surface resource”


that would be very funny

I have no idea lol that’s why I asked you!

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I have come up with the theme of the Writing contest, it will be ancient structures/relics.

The only thing now is for more people to show that they are interested or not.

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Don’t use this thread to vent about problems with other players, start a new thread to do that. this is a thread about seeing if people want to do a writing a competition.

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But that’s the story. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll rename them obviously

chances are you are going to be booted from this forum soon. the sooner the better I say.


hay Mr gamer I’m in. I have a great idea. is there a time line?


It depends on how many show interest, I think a few more people and we will soon be ready to actually organise the Competition, so no there is not yet a timeline in place, we will get back with everyone on that


Oooh I could dig both of those.

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If you post the possible prize I’m sure it would peak more people’s interest! I’m down to help donate what ever I can free up.

Edit: donating cuz I love fan fiction

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I already have a simple short story in mind.

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Depending on what the prize is depends if I am interested. A competition with no prize isn’t really a competition to me.

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@MrGamer117 My thoughts exactly! You had better decide on something before accepting any submissions, else you’ll get yourself in a sticky situation…


currently we are only seeing if the community wants to do this so nothing has been set in stone yet

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Good to know. :slight_smile:

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This sounds awesome! Maybe the theme could be to a expand on Boundless’s lore, do a little worldbuilding based on what’s already available, or create a character and tell a side story about why the world of boundless is the way it is today.

As for rewards, coin might be the best option to let the winners buy whatever they need most. If not, then maybe some sort of higher level materials/craftables.