I'm back, again!

Hey guys. Took a long break from the game, I’m back now. Pretty sure Berlyn City is gone, if not then kudos to everyone to maintained it!

Anyway I’ll be looking for people to play with so let me know if you’re active by responding to this post. :slight_smile:

Very strange coming back and seeing my old construction not complete buried beneath a tower city… o.o

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a lot has changed… a lot! welcome back bro! I was on your beckon before you left so I just touched up the outer walls to make it look more like ruins and less like an unfineshd site as your aria became prime real estate and I didn’t know if you would return.

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Lol prime real estate xD

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lol it was a field when you left now its the 2nd or 3rd bigest town.

Yeah I remember… I never expected any of this holy ■■■■!

have a look

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Wow very cool. Yeah I’ll have to get up to speed with all the changes and regain my bearings before finishing my build lol.

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Think I lost all my machinery.

I’m about to crash but I will see you in game soon. :smile_cat:
I will get you all hooked up with machines :wink:

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Catch you soon!


like my bridge there? lol

It’s a shame you lost your house and stuff, but welcome back.