Im Doing a Trailer

I would like to get all the possible co-ords of great builds.
As i am going to try making a trailer in less than 12 hours.


Come to Ruchs Capital then follow the roads! @Lycankind Mayfair City is awesome

Everything on Folva @Turakae @Mittekemuis @Predatoxic

lemde capital

lleb capital, also @Amduscus dragon castle

melfig capital

yugen capital

gortnen 635 1335 lake temple

and many many others


■■■■ my wired controller isnt working meaning i cna’t get good camera movement

Civini, you cant miss it!

Capital of Vaiser

And if your feeling adventurous follow the road across the bridge that goes through the mountain by the tower and through the woods a little and you’ll come across falconloverxxx beacon. :smile: you can def see it on the map

ummm, mines still a work in progress, but pretty much same thing, come to Xewell, follow the blue road from the capital.
also head thru my town and follow the red road to thestoneofevils
im pretty sure larfleece is doing some cool stuff too on xewell, i just dont know his exact loc.

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im just looking for a couple of clips,. its showing off towns, all the different landscapes, lighting etc.

Follow the road from Folva capital heading East.I think it is the yellow gleam one when you spawn at capital follow the red down out the building

I built a sweet looking cross thing for a tomb I’m going to make at the capital when we get maybe more blocks. It looks great! Vaiser capital

Same as with mittekemuis spawn at folva capital and head south down my blue/red road you cant miss me :wink:

Wardin: at 2’222, 222, 2’222; and one secret (now) more (far, but with paths): east from there - you can take the skypath at 188 high (pink sky-street to the coordinates). Another Temple is on another place in Wardin (first building)… :hatching_chick:

alright i think i have enough ima go and most likely by a wired 360 remote so i can get smoother gameplay :smiley:

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If you’re looking for towns, there is a quaint little one on tawas. No beacon, but if you go to @Nyuudles tower from capital, it’s on the far coast to the left. It’s amazing it’s not been griefed to oblivion, but I probably will never beacon it. Feel free to modify it to better fit your trailers needs.

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Honestly I think you should do an update trailer, including builds with all new features so far.

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Been getting that same problem

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Alright so far i am in the middle of still rcording but as soon as i get a wired controller i will be recording these.

I’m now in Wardin, if you like to visit.

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