Im in Exo Yibirios and my Atlas is not working (completed)

I’m un the new blink exo Yibirios and my Atlas is not getting me see the new regions. I only can see 3 regions And I have been walking for a long time, do you know why is this happening? How can I fix it?

You need to discover the regions, just waking around won’t make them visible


To discover a region you need to get to the center, check your compass and you will see something like “North of ???”.

Region center is in the opposite site

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Are you saying new regions aren’t unlocking? If that’s the case, to unlock new regions, you have to travel to the “center” of the region.

Your compass at the top of the screen will tell you what direction you need to go in to unlock the next region. If it says (Southwest of ?), you need to go Northeast to actually unlock that region.

Basically just follow the Atlas to take you to undiscovered regions, and then follow the compass to discover the region.

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OMG… I just lost an hour walking with no sense! Thank you so much!! @PendragonTheNinja @Cuetzpalomitl


Very happy to help, haha. :slight_smile:

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I did the same, I sepent nearly 4 days running randomly around circa trying to fill the atlas lol