Im looking for some mod's 🤔

I do not know if thise can be done or not but would love to have them :heart:

Does anyone know of a mod or setting in game that can boost the thunder sound? or if it can be done?

  • Would be nice to have some thunder/rain storm sounds

Also is it possible to add ambient fire noises to campfire’s and torch’s once near them/placed on the ground with a mod?


This would be great. Sometimes I just stare at the sky and listen to the music. More ambient sounds would be fantastic.

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yea I do the same thing, also a fire crackling sound would make it feel more homely I think. Even machine sounds would be nice to have


Thunder and lightning would bring a little more life to the worlds.
Just imagine a t7 exo where the weather is extreme. Constant thunderstorms with lightning that could actually strike you dead. That would be so awesome.


There’s this:

You can click this button and the sliders will change over time to give you an evolving storm.


I love that so much :heart: now we just need it in game when the rain comes.

Moving water sounds would be great too … so long as they can be adjusted in volume :slightly_smiling_face:


I do agree. Especially waterfalls. It is somewhat disappointing to be near a water fall or even a fountain and not hear the water.


Waterfall sounds would be cool, although I also want to see foam and froth where is lands as well.

If they implemented lightning along with thunder sounds, they would likely need a way to disable it for people with photosensitive epilepsy.


Theres a lot that i would like to see… or hear.

Water noise is one (waterfalls etc. Obvious no brainer)

Indepth wind sounds (mainly just feels a bit off when grass is moving like crazy and you hear pretty much nothing.)

Underwater “bulbs” that you get when you breath air out.


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