I'm Lost (lol)

All these portal gates are mazes - currently at therka market (solum gate) looking to get to muteen if any one can escort?

I will be the nub standing in from opf solum gate @ therka :slight_smile: so no need to reply here - cheers if you can help

From KAroKendo’s portal, right in front of it, walk to the road, turn left, when the road turns right, follow it.

You should see a shop with a red and blue banner over the top. That means that is the road you want to follow.

Head down that path until you hit green torches. Then turn around, and the portal to Munteen should be in your left. (If you turned around, if you backed up instead it’ll be on your right)


ok im a nub solum IS his portal and thx

got it cheers - case closed lol

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If you’re ever using @Jeffrotheswell’s portal network, here is an image of how the planets are connected;


i asked because i met someone in game earlier (over 18 hours ago -yes i am addicted QQ)

and they took me through solum>epsilo>up and down corridoors >somewhere else>somwhere else > muteen lol

thx for the map