I'm tired of explaining to people Oort is not a minecraft clone when introducing it

Minecraft will probably own the “blocky landscape” genre forever, so no matter how much prettier the graphics are, or slightly non-square the blocks are…So if the first thing people see about Oort is a screenshot, it will be a natural conclusion that it is a Minecraft clone.

Given the huge influx of voxel games out now that don’t have blocky landscape, but still have block-building for structures (7 Days to die is the best example), it’s an interesting design choice by Wonderstruck to maintain the blocky theme as opposed to something more “natural” looking.

shrug I’ve been longing for a “Minecraft 2.0” for years, and am happy to be getting a spiritual successor to that game.

Just to let you guys know I told a friend of mine to have his son look at the game (im 27 - its a work friend who is 30 something his son is 13 and plays minecraft). He told me that his son was instantly ecstatic for the game and while he said it had a look similar to minecraft he instantly knew it was different and was ready to abandon minecraft to start playing.
The dad said he was going to buy it for him soon, so I think players that really take an in depth look and dont write it off can instantly see its not a MC clone!


Great observation @b00n, those comments are always great to hear, especially when the game is in such an early stage of development.

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  1. Not a single but many DIFFERENT WORLDS which are very versatile and linked up by a player made net of portals.
  2. REGENERATING Worlds with a enduring potential to explore.
  3. Character PROGRESSION with skills and/or trainable professions (not classes)
  4. A Protection function of own buildings with BEACONS.
  5. An ECONOMY (hopefuly in the hands of players)
  6. a TIER SYSTEM and enough to do to equip up that fills many houres of gameplay
  7. Different RACES with different abilities.
  8. A LORE behind the Worlds and the Universe.

… and points that I hope I can add later …

  1. A Combat System that is SKILL BASED and which is very versatile.
  2. Many Different CREATURES that use skills on their own.
  3. Different TITANS that are a real obstacle even for skilled groups of players.
  4. An END-GAME CONTENT that still requires your attention to deal with its obstacles.

I am just now seeing this, this is great haha

Plus, there are dedicated servers!

Lol great video.

Saying it’s not a Minecraft clone is showing your “faith and devotion” (which I have also). Perhaps could flip it…It’s like Grand Theft Auto, Warcraft with some Minecraft? Bah, that’s awful too…I don’t know, maybe ask a troll, they usually good at delusions and suspending reality.

Yeahmmhmm, very early. I can’t wait for a BiG update to come :smiley: