Immersion pros/cons

I imagine this game being entirely player driven since they said they would not make any npc quests and that seem to be their point.
I’ve been thinking about ways to do it, they may seem annoying but i’ve been looking around on internet and been trying to figure out what makes games immersive and interactive and what doesn’t

NPC Auction house. Pro and cons

this article describes really well on what the pros and cons of auction houses are

Convenient for buying needed things fast and without hassle
if you can play the auction house right you can make money
Sure to get thing the cheapest way
Just a thing of the usual mmo mold now a days

Its makes crafting less valuable because you have to compete against all the other people price wise ingame
it takes away the player to crafter interaction from the game
it takes away the need to make your presence known or being famous because you are just one of million crafters

Own opinion: I wouldn’t want to see an auction house in this game since its about player interactions, because if there is no action house you will need to find specific players to help you and that way the players would actually have a reason for setting up shops, and if players need to set up shops you give a reason to make cities or villages to gather them up.

Global chat.
This is something that i have been thinking about and i’m pretty sure that people are against it but i think a step closer to immersion would be no global chat. i know this sounds horrible and unthinkable but i think that would make people interact a lot more than they do now, so you have to physically meet other people to interact, finding groups and making bonds whatever. so that way we could make some sort of town square or taverns for people to meet

With no global chat people could make inns and common areas for people to interact face to face and that way make money
It would make more immersion and make towns more lively because they have a reason to go there other than just to get gear from crafters

It’s going to be a lot slower to find people to help you with the things you need help with
its going to be a pain for people who just wants things done quickly and solo the rest

Simply put. we need interactive furniture such as chairs to sit in, doors to open and so on.

This is taken from another post an idea that i really like that i would like to build on to.
So the post talked about putting out your hand with the item when you trade instead of a trade window, what i would like to see is the general item, say sword, axe, whatever.
the general color, so if its a red rope you would have a low or high res red robe hovering over your hands
a stat/desription window floating next to it, i imagine something like how borderlands 2 stat window looks when looking at an item so floating beside it
and a preview button to be able to look at the item more closely

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About the global chat: I totally agree with you. A global chat would kinda suck :confused: We got the forums to meet new people :smiley:

I agree on both the pros and cons of this though maybe we should make it possible to make large global communication centers from where it would be possible to contact other people in the same kind of area?

These would of course be kinda expensive to make as it is transworld communication.

it was a huge discusssion on the real forums and i feel the best would be a trade chat that would work in a city beacon.

when somebody makes a city you could get an item that would allow you to make it into a city beacon or trade beacon, when you stand within that area you can talk to everybody else in other city beacons on that one world. the capital central spawn area would also count as one so they could see where to go for cities.


This makes good sense too :smiley:
I don’t think i passed this exact discussion but global chat is a very important topic :slight_smile:

Chats/player interaction:
In regards to your global and trade chat concerns, it could be an idea to have a craftable item in game that could act as a global communication interface. Something that players can build and use to quickly grab a hold of that one extra person they need before they go charging into the Oort temple that they found etc.

Personally I think that’d be a decent enough way to reach out to both sides of the chat dispute. Giving the option for fast communication on a global scale to people who want it, but not giving it to your by default or forcing it upon you. That way the option is still there from the start to simply go to these immersive locations such as taverns to meet up if that’s your preference.

Auction House:
I can see why people would want to leave something such as an auction house out and personally I can see a lot more cons in the concept. However one of the key motives for the game is immersion and a sense of community, and there’s no doubt that an Auction house would fit into this. It’s a component of game economies that we see a whole lot. And whilst it could harm the the relationship between player and mechanic, it’s still something that could help others that don’t have the knowledge or time. Perhaps the NPC auction house is a poor idea, and alternative is a Runescape style Grand Exchange of sorts. Where players can go to post their items up for auction so that they can get back to questing etc. as opposed to having to manually sell their unwanted possessions, neatly fitting the auction house in with the trading aspect of the game for those who don’t have as much time on their hands.

The way I see it is that the key is not to make everything as player interaction based as possible, but as immersive and comfortable as possible.There need to be ways for every single player to do things the way they like with a game like Oort, and that isn’t a hard thing to do. It just takes the right blend of components, looking for alternatives that could solve the problem for as many people as possible as opposed to just weighing up the pros and cons and then taking your pick between them.

These are just my views on the subject so just hear me out and tell me what you think if you agree or disagree. ;D