Importing height maps

All praise image noise, finally got my canyon biome working somewhat:


Just need to remove some black spots from the picture i am using.

That look just awesome but how do you intend on living there?

There is a lot of space, also this is just a mockup needs some adjustment to height, surface and other terrain in general.

Got eny tips of heightmaps to make a canyon map

I found some image noise and then used fractals on it to remove the borders. Worked surprisingly well.

When i used image noise it wont generate tell me how to do IT i gotmso Manny awesome pictures i want in world

Press the import button, import an image:


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hmm i will try that

dammit it just crashes when i do it

You need to use a .png file as a .jpg/.jpeg file will make it crash (mentions it further up in the thread).

Wow, nice work!

Now THAT is the kind of interesting fantasy terrain I want to see in 1.0. Toss in some vegetation and some variation to the height and cave systems and you’ve got it made!

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Probably remove the holes too, when you say variation in height do you mean jsut makeing it a bit wavy or actually making the plateau different hights?

Just a touch wavy, nothing too much. Can you add a trickle of water in the bottom as well?

A thought just occurred to me, but if you increased the width of the cracks enough, you could easily generate the ‚Äúthousand needles‚ÄĚ biome from WoW, or those rock pillars from China (the name escapes me)

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I can easily make them with wide space, :slight_smile: I have been searching for a way to make so narrow spaces for ages though.

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only problem somewhat deep sinkholes haven’t found a cure yet.

Try using remap noise with clipping