Importing height maps

I just found this game a couple of minutes ago, and I’m blown away. It looks amazing and I just want to say thanks to the devs!

However, before I choose my plan I do have a few unanswered questions.

Personally I have a small background in leveldesign. And while the world editor tool that is created with the game looks good. I’m a lot more familiar and prefer more industrial tools like World Machine. I’m used to using world machine and creating an export. For example a height map.

Would it be possible to import a height map into your world builder, and using that, add the biomes, cave-systems, water height etc?

I know this game of course isn’t meant to be realistic in any way. But I absolutely love terrain, erosion, weather conditions, and how natural terrain would have formed. And there’s just no beating the quality of an industrial world editor like WorldMachine for that.

Of course that terrain wouldn’t be completely procedural. but that procedural terrain could go on outside of the imported map like usual, without issues.

Thanks for your time.

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@lucadeltodecso is the wizard you seek… I summon thee!


I believe you can import an image to use as a heightmap, but I am not sure if this would be exactly what you want.

You can do that already?

I do not know much about the world builder but I think someone put out some videos on youtube and here is the patch notes for the most recent world builder upgrade.


That’s great to see :smiley:

This looks like it might make it possible :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply!

The World Building tool is a modular generator which allows users to mix together noise functions to control the biome and world generation. In addition to functional noises (such as simplex, worley, gabor, etc), there are also operator methods for combining the noise functions (such as absolute, fractal, product, remap, etc) and we also support image based noise. The image based noise will sample an image for the noise value. The standard usage of this would be for the initial height map, but it can be used anywhere. For example, for flower placement, or for grass length, biome selection, etc. It takes a while to really get to grips with the builder - but it’s extremely powerful.

Make sure you checkout this video. @Squidgy also maintains a playlist with a collection of player tutorials.

So it should be possible to create the initial height map in World Machine, then use this in the World Builder. (But I’ve not done this.)


Incredible. I’m really impressed by Oort so far! And developers actually responding directly to the community. I’m sold!

Thank you so much for the personal reply!

Keep up the amazing work!


about this when you use the height map it basically puts it into square chunks though, so it repeats itself there wasn’t a way to randomly genreate it with the map but just do it as the height map says, so for example.

lts say you put it in it covers about 100 blocks. 100 blocks along it will be exact same and it wil have terrible merging with the other chunks when i tested it it would normally just be a very big flat wall which is not attractive

Not exactly sure what problem you’re having here. But yes - the image will repeat. And it does work easily as input for a height map:

Can you share an image of the issue you’re having?


Everytime I try to use a .Jpg with the image noise the wb crashes. Is this problem clientbased or does the noise only support .png’s ?

PNGs only - it shouldn’t allow you to load a JPG.

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I can select JPG but that causes the wb to crash…
I’m glad I tried this in a test world and not in an actual project :stuck_out_tongue:

btw are you adding new worlds soon?

No plans.

(Other than special requests from players. And a little surprised we have in the pipeline.)


uhhh :open_mouth:

Thanks again

A surprise?! Well, I’m stoked!

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Maybe local world viewing :open_mouth: Or more colors

can’t show but the issue is it just repeats itstelf so it will always look the same no matter how big you put the map, so you can’t have a variation in terrain so lets say i want to create a certaint style of mountains and i add a height map that adds nice lakes etc i would like for it to kind of take that height map and randomise it a little being able t create a seamless map. ill try making an example

this is what i mean that is the corner of the height map, what im wondering is there a way in order to make it seamless, maybe be able to rotate the heightmap so no 2 of the smae rotation is with eachother to make it seam seamless

I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing here to achieve the result. But you should be able to blend different noisy functions together so that the image is a detail on top of another noisy function. (Checkout the fractal noise for example.)

Maybe consider sharing your world for us to take a look at.