In-Game Government (just for fun) And In-Game books

I was wondering on peoples thoughts for building a large structure to act as a Government building to deal with In-Game problems it doesn’t need to be to serious it would be more for fun, and to see if such an idea can be pulled off with people on an online game.

It could involve people voting on the forums for members to join a council and senate, made up of people who put there name forward and are voted in. both get together separately as council and senate and together to discuss matters of importance that relate to In-Game problems, and can also be used for matters about guilds, city’s, portals and other.

I think this will be a fun community task that could see how players will react to it and see if it can work.

please suggests any ideas and thoughts on the matter.

This could also go hand in hand with In-Game books which could be used to record stuff done in this government and record “Laws” and “Regulations” which are passed.

P.S. this will be a social experiment of sorts.
P.P.S. sorry if my wording is a bit confusing.
P.P.P.S. no one needs to actually abide by anything done, it is just for fun to see how people react to an In-Game Government.


love the idea i offer you aquatopia to house the building
plus materials sponsoring :smile:
i visited last year san sebastian in spain saw this La Plaza de la Constitucion thats a good design for it

in the old days the people there had a room with a number there and when it was time to vote they just walk onto there balconys

also dont admire this to much its build with inca gold i think hahaha


Incidentally, a post by @Xaldafax on this very topic has been in the editing and planning phase for a day or two, regarding a community build for a sort of UN building for elected representatives of each region and/or guild to meet and discuss policy and relations in an organized manner. The hope for the first session was to have a place to ratify the Player Charter by @Sverchekovich in game, possibly on stream. Not to hijack @MrGamer117’s post, but be looking for details on that from Xaldafax soon.


I vote that the UN building should be built in Critonia, the soon to be capital of Berlyn.

UN or UR? as in United Races :grin: for when the races get introduced;

Could also be United Guilds - we all know corporations run the world and not governments.


UG has a nice ring to it, though I think we were targeting something more like a United Federation of Planets.


Or Worlds instead of Planets -broken into wings: Federation Of Home Worlds, Federation Of Moons and Federation of Ring Worlds.

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critonia never heard off that ahahhah
go aquatopia :star_struck:
just joking lol

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I think I have something that might work …

I was thinking to myself, anyway, “What am I going to use all this space for…?”

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this is perfect for the balconys :)))))))

cool then maybe such a project will take place wicked.

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Oh @MrGamer117 you let the idea slip out too early… I thought when we told you our plans a few days ago you would hold off mentioning anything until I posted. Sorry I should have been more clear when Havok was sharing things.

Don’t worry I wont send you off to Critonia’s gleam dungeon since he seems to want everyone on Berlyn under their salty’s thumb. :slight_smile:

Anyway I am sure many people have had many ideas on things like this and a UN building. We have many skilled and bright people in this game. Certainly what Havok and I have planned will not be trying to conflict with other people’s plans but since we already laid the cornerstone of the building in New Berlyn we will be keeping our structure and idea there.

I don’t doubt that each zone/planet will likely need it’s own house and area to handle both planetary and guild functions so people could pick up that banner and move forward with the projects. I would hope, though, that they would work with Havok and me and we all could try to come with a common look/feel to all the buildings.


Eh, if this is a centralized building, then local builds will be required too. Paired with local build styles, I think a cool central representative alliance would be a natural progression for the entire community.

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oh no I didn’t think such a thing was being done I thought it was just another section of Havoks base lol I don’t think I spoiled your idea, its just really bad timing lol

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All good lol… clearly it is time we as a community do something about finally building government halls for the planets… Let’s get some ideas going…

Would it be ok if we took those discussions to that United Planetary Headquarters thread?


Very, very cool idea. It’d be interesting to see if there’d be a way to actually have the Devs include in-game and forum flags for people who are voted in as representatives. EVE Online does something similar with in-game ambassadors to the Devs… a council of sorts. No particular need for a limit or representatives of a particular region. Maybe just people who are respected within the community who seem to care about the game.


yea sure take the ideas I don’t care this is a community thing that is being done so go ahead.