In Game Help Ideas

So to get help, you either have to find a person nearby and ask them, or post to the forum.

I think an in game “forum” would be helpful. This is more like an organized chat channel though.

People can press a certain key to access this. Here they can post questions or if they are looking for something.

How it works

So when you open the in game forum for the first time, you get a series of boxes you can check. You can choose

  • what path you are,
  • what you would be willing to help with
  • what types of questions you can answer.

You can also change your notifications.
These include

  • if you want new questions in the topics you chose to help in to pop up somewhere on screen.
  • If someone is looking for a certain path to help with something
  • if people are looking for others to group with

When you open this notification, or go to the forum, you can then reply and the message will be sent to them. You can also see other replies by going to the in game forum specifically, instead of a private message system.

When a person has their question answer, they choose a icon or whatever that labels the question as “answered” and it is deleted.

Dealing with spam

Each question must choose a topic. If this question does not fit the topic and is actually another one, then people can vote to move it to a new topic. If the question is not anything and just spam, players can vote to delete it.

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I feel like an in- game forum risks cluttering things up. There’s no point having two separate forums as it just adds confusion and makes it more likely for questions to get lost. The normal forum system works pretty well for most people.
After the official release, there will be many more players. It will be a lot easier to find someone to ask if you need help, especially in city hubs. :slight_smile:
Also, if you manage to complete your wiki update project then new players will be able to find info for themselves!


I like the sounds of this. Player driven economy and player driven support/help. Even though that’s kinda already how it is, but to have the in-game mechanic would be such a plus.

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There is no clutter. It will all be questions. A person does not even have to access this if they want. And sometimes it is hard when I have a question I need answered immediately. When a person’s question is answered, they press an icon and the question gets deleted.

It is more like a help chat channel that is organized.

I have to exit game, post to forum, and wait for a reply. If it was sent to people who could help in game, I could get advice immediately. There is also nothing that states we will have more players. City hubs can also be hard to find/get to if you are a totally new player.

Also…not everyone knows to find the wiki since it won’t be an official link lol.

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There is already an in game wiki planned I think… Or something similar to have information available to players.

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