In Game Timer for Exo Planets

I like the exo planet feature. I like to go and explore and see the new world. It is interesting and fun when they pop up.

Right now, the only way I know if a planet has appeared is via a discord bot. Since Exo planets are a feature for the game, couldn’t there be an in game timer? (Like for events 4 days until event)

It wouldn’t need to list the planet that is coming or even what Tier it is…but would be nice to be able to plan. Between life/work we aren’t all 100% connected to Boundless, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it. Having some idea when they will spawn will allow us to be online to enjoy the experience.

I wasn’t on discord for one day so missed a few spawning, would have loved to have planned with guildies to go explore new a new exo planet (ahead of time) so that we could make it an event…maybe do a few meteors while exploring…but can’t do any of that until the day after they spawn.

Anyway! Would be amazing if possible! <3


Yes please. Or a least a message when they spawn, in notifications tab.

I’d support the message when they spawn for sure. If they spawn at different times all the time, I think that’s the fun part.

What is the time most have spawned though? Is it consistent? Is there a method?

I would support a vague message like “You feel a disturbance in the Oort!”


Just something enough to be a message when you log in that “a planet has spawned” dont say where or anything else, just enough to let you know to search for it.

This is an idea that needs more discussion and visibility.


A place able item would be cool, that notifies its owner if one appears with something like “exoworld detected on 37 blinksecs distance”


I feel a disturbance in the Oort…!

Maybe one is incoming

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Planet radar would be cool. It would be like a stationary better atlas. Interact to see a rotatable atlas of your current world, complete with coords where your cursor points. Power coils for it could activate exo planet detection or other stats like resource altitude, plot height count, or detect active and dormant meteors. It would be a very nice start to making a full blown command center.


Great idea, maybe with more coils expand it to a full universe map where we also can see all the regular worlds, where they are positioned and the distance between them.


This is a great idea and gotta be easy to implement, eh?

Also, off on a tangent, would be great to know the parameters involved with the spawn times of exo planets.
A lot of frustrated people on discord waiting for the next one to pop because we don’t know just how random the timings are.
Should we expect days, weeks (!!) between spawns?


I thought an Exo world might drop this eve…
Doesn’t look likely now :frowning:

@james and literally anyone else. Can we get an exo? That would be super. We love your game. Thanks!

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It sure sounded like there would be a new one spawn as soon as one gets deleted…
It sounded like you could be continuously mining on them.
Clarity is important.

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The problem is we have ~50 planets and only a few can be used to see or reach an EXO, right?

Why not make it so every hour an EXO is up, another planet can see it? So by 1 day into an EXO, 50% of all planets can see it?


It would be very nice if there was an eco planet of each type, rift, blink and umbris each weekend.


Right now I would settle for any exo planet!

Tho I really don’t have any time for it anyway, haha!