In need of some color advice

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Under my work room there will be 1 last floor that hooks up to the “plaza” sewers.
The floor of my work room is glass and when i redo the floor of the hub you should be able to see the bottom floor.

Currently i know what im basically going to do on that floor and some colors will be re used.
Like ashen blue, rust slate, gray (iron) and the blue light that is emitted from portal conduits.

But as it is a “water” room im not completely sure what color to use for the walls.

Don’t see much (i know) but haven’t taken the time just jet to make a better one ill do so shortly after ill build the “basic wall concept”.

It is a fairly high wall of approximately 10-12 blocks high so the color really need to fit.

Any color and material suggestions are welcome.
(If you want to go and check it yourself you can Terra Nova Lamblis - use the door behind the temporary portal to the old roads there are two ramps that go down to the work room. Once there go down in the middle (iron pipes). You will need a grapple.)

Quick sketch (blue is what im talking about).

[1square is 1 block]

[edit] build a sample (not sur if thats the “full” design but there it is.

Still drawing a blank on what color or material to use to close the opening of that wall.


Cool grey IMO


Ill give it a try later :wink:

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as a colorblind person , i say Deep Slate :+1:


I think he means to say


i agree :+1:


Ill throw a curveball.

Warp conduits


Oh yeah those would probably look nice


Good call sir

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That could actually work as there is a 1block space at its sides…

Cool grey works @DKPuncherello
Same as the warp @Buugi

Sorry @xyberviri and @HOST
Even tough I don’t have much of that color atm
the little i have could work for other projects but as it is they are to “dark” and look “black” for the way it will have “light” (all most no light)
Nice suggestion tough.


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