[In Progress] Bug - Wood Colours Being Weird

Okay so i finally got on to play due to a start up bug anyway i decided i was gonna upgrade my builds with woods natural to the area so i got out my wood made into planks it worked but then i tried to make it into stairs and slabs but this happens.

(the wood in crafting and same colour wood staris and slabs)

(but when i clicked the stairs it gives me a different colour i placed the stairs i got from it next to the plank on wood)

I think that they are placeholder and they don’t have these textures technically released yet.

EDIT: I stand corrected, thanks @ben!

Good catch Kerpie! We’ve found and fixed it for the next release.


Slabs also magically transform if you try to stack two different ones. (they both become the same)

Not a bug, that’s jusy how it works :slight_smile:

Then add a question window later with the text “Do you REALLY want to do that?” ;D