[In Progress] Oort Backer Titles ETA?

I noticed that our forum titles are missing
I don’t wanna sound pushy and I know the new forums are new
any idea about the ETA of those?

Ben promised “soon”

One of the main advantages of these new forums is that we have been able to enable SSO or Single Sign On. This means that you use the same account for playing Oort Online and accessing the forums. In the past if you backed the game via oortonline.com we automatically set your forum title correctly. But if you bought the game via steam.oortonline.com we had no way of connecting your purchase to a completely independently created forum account.

Now that we’ve switched to SSO we can migrate all the backer titles correctly for everyone. We’ll get this done ASAP. We did consider doing the migration before opening up the forums, but decided it would be better to give everyone early access to test the system before we processed the migration.

It might be a week or so - depending on how quickly we get everything else in place.


one thing that some games do with steam… but this can also cause problems if a user mistake is made…

is to link OortOnline with steam Via a one time sign in when you open the game…

where the problem comes in is if you dont type in your steam account properly and then its linked to a dead link (not a proper term for it “dead link” but acurate i think)…

but its an idea to make things easier and that would also make it easier to sign into OortOnline through steam click play and it is already signed in via your steam account…

then if you have purchased the package that includes backers perks it could automaticly merge your account through the steam link account feature… not sure if that would even work but its an idea…

something to look into with steam.

Thanks for the suggestion but we already do this in the background. When you start Oort Online we ask users to create / sign-in to an Oort account - but we then link this to your Steam account. The do this to authenticate the purchase (and game ownership) via Steam. But as you also have an Oort account you can use this - if / when we bring Oort to other platforms + devices. So it’s there - just maybe hidden from the user a little.

ok i wasent sure of how that worked … thanks for the fast reply :slight_smile:

I’m working on this at the moment;-

  • First I need to modify oortonline.com to also use Single Sign On with GA.ME (like this forum does now) so that we will always know the username of new backers. [complete]
  • Then we’ll “backfill” that database with all the known usernames of previous backers. [complete]
  • I’ll create a way to query that data, so other systems can find out what the “backing level” is of a particular user that backed the game on oortonline.com. [complete]
  • This new data can then be combined with data from Steam, to allow the game to fully work out a users “backing level” [complete]
  • Finally we’ll be able to get that data into the forum so everyone can see their backer title.

Uhh does that mean that it now really might be only an week? :smiley: Not like @james week :smile:
James that’s called a month ^^ Well nearly 2 already :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry guys. We should be able to do the titles this week.

If testing continues to look OK today, we’ll try for a release of forum Titles tomorrow…


yayyy! ~ HYPE! ^^

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What exactly happens in my case?
I bought standard edition through steam. Upgraded to Collectors. And finally via paypal upgrade to wayfarer.

You should get a Wayfarer’s badge. Fingers cross.

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Actually you’ll be getting a rare Wayfadventxplorer badge. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Okay, not really.

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