In response to @Hiyosup's Favorite Color Thread

…Why not start more simple favorites threads?

I’m not sure if this has already been done on the old forum, but I’ve been on this new one since day one and haven’t seen many favorites threads as simple, yet practical @Hiyosup’s. So how about we get more acquainted with one another as we help develop this game over the coming months?

I guess I’ll start with another simple question…
What is everyone’s favorite video game(s)?

My favorite game is the Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which to me, really is the best game I’ve ever played. Sure there’s lots of other great games I’ve played in my time, but Oblivion takes the :cake:

So what do you Oortians think? What are your top games?

That’s hard especially because I play a lot of genres^^
I’d think my top 3 would be:

  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Sly Cooper
  • Jak

Ok I had to edit it already xD
top 3 multiplayer games:

  • Runescape
  • Battlefield 3
  • Minecraft (also one of my favourite single player games^^)

I might edit that if I remember something else^^

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Same, here. I play pretty much every genre except for, say, fighters, RTS, and Racing. And can say that although RPG’s are only a fraction of what I play, Oblivion is still the top :smiley:

Yea^^ I didn’t want to name a game for every genre so I kept it short^^

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Single player:
Mass Effect triology

Vanilla WoW (WotlK was also quite good)


Yeah, the Mass Effect games were really high up on my list as well, very close to being the best :smile:

Yeah, manly tears where shed while playing through this triology


Favorite… oh gosh.

Probably Dragon’s Dogma. It’s basically become my measuring stick for other games now. They just did so much right with it.

Dragon’s Dogma is awesome, I wish there was a sequel.

I have to say Planetside 2 if my favourite. But it is close seconded by so many others!

Hmm, I have a fav of every genre …

Pure FFS: Half Life (Harsh decission … next would have been Unreal)
FPS-RPG: Definitly the Mass Effect Series!
Party RPG: Planescape Torment (I have a Tattoo out of that game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )
Solo RPG: Vampire Bloodlines (next would have been TES3 - Morrowind)
MMO: Guild Wars 1
Hack’n’Slay RPG: Path of Exile
Japano-RPG: Final Fantasy 6
RTS: Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
Roundbased Strategy: Civilisation IV (next one would be the X-Com)
Space Sim: Elite Dangerous
Crafting Game: Starbound
Racing Game: Gran Trourismo 2
Beat’em’up: Soul Blade
Jump’n’Run: Sonic 2
Not even a genre having game: Shadow of the Colossus

Even if you torture me to get an answer: I cannot tell which one is better then the others :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … But if you ask which one changed my life the most it would be Planescape Torment (Can’t wait for Torment by Inxile :blush:)

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Shadow of the Colossus is way up there for me too. My friend and I played it together, with so many great freak out moments. You can RIDE birds! Now run around the room for five minutes just losing it, haha.


I like that game as well. Though a bit repetitive, it definitely is a shooter that makes you feel like you have a role.

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And you call that question “simple”? :smiley:

I think i will put it that way:

the game on wich i passed absolutely more time is: Ultima Online (nearly 8 years playng continuosly)

the only game I’ve ever played in agonistic contest is: Counter Strike (i also played this one 5 years every day)

games with wich i had a lot of fun with parents and friends: nintendo 64 -> 007Goldeneye, mariokart 64, pro evolution soccer

pvp arena games with wich i ve been in love: QUAKE (<3), the pvp of GuildWars1 and League of Legends

RPG singlePlayer: Diablo1, TheTempleOfElementalEvil (circle of 8 modpack), divinity:OriginalSin, Baldur’sGate1,

multiplayer games that enriched my fantasy and gave me some really good time exploring and took me away with theyr story: guildwars2 (more than GW1), FallOut (all of them), castelvania (play1). And a special nomination for Zelda (Ocarina of Time)

single player: AgeOfEmpire (the original first one), civilization (the V), Prey

Sandboxes: Spore, Minecraft

eeeeeeeeh… i have more games in mind… it’s impossible to give a good answer to this question :smiley:


And obviously Starwars Battlefront is going to be way up at the top of my list come november

I heard it’s not even close to how great every one says it is^^