Incapable of fueling portals

Most times I run through my network to fuel the portals it kicks back the fuel. This is consistent with most portals. Usually it takes Powerman doing it if he is not having the issue and vice versa.

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its just a visual bug i see it all the time when it happens to me the stack in my inventory goes down even tho the portal fuel does not go up

it updates if you jump thru the portal and come back most times

Not so at all. So I put it in, it kicks back. Portal shuts down at time it says= not visual. Lol

ok never mind

Sometimes it is. But this is something else.

I’ve had this happen to me. At least once it was some elemental shards mixed in with the Oort shards.

If you’re looking at a portal that’s actually used up all the shards but hasn’t registered as closed yet because no ones viewed it the shards will kick back because the portal was supposed to be closed and not opened and it needs to redo the menu options on the portal since you’re looking at it in the wrong format.

I only mention that because you said the portal shuts down which implies the portal was out of fuel.


This used to happen to me when I would run through the fueling sequence too quickly (ie not wait for a second between clicking the portal and clicking the fuel in my inventory). Don’t know if this helps.

If it makes you feel any better I have a friend icewinddrake who hasn’t been able to fuel portals ever, apparently because he joined the game and made a character during server maintenance. 6 months later and the devs still haven’t fixed it!

He’s still playing. That’s good to hear. But sad that bug hasn’t been fixed for him yet.

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Yeah, I wait. I’ve tried everything mentioned here and some more. Used alts and so on. Just won’t take it.

By kick did you mean you placed the Oort Shards / Oort Amalgams into the Portal Fuel slot, but the game placed them back into your inventory?

Do you have a link to the forum topic (if one exists)?

Yes. That is what I mean. I put into a portal that needs and is capable of taking more shards. It removes it within 1 second and puts it back into my inventory. I’ll try to get a video.

So we figured If we take all the shards out FIRST before topping the shards off to 900 it will accept the shards. This glitch of kicking the shards back may be due to when you fuel sometimes it attempts to go over the max amount of 900?

Do you have varying numbers of shards added to the portal? As a test, I have placed 850 of them into a portal. When I attempt to add 100, it correctly subtracts the number.