Hello developers and everyone else!

After watching a bunch of Oort Online videos I got really interrested in this game. But then I saw ASDW was the only way to move your character I realized that this was another one of the numerous games I’m pretty much unable to play. This because of I’m disabled, Tetraplegic, and cant move my fingers. In games I need to be able to move my chars with my mouse. For ex. by holding in both left and right for forward movement. Like in WoW; Rift or GW2 wich I all played without problems.

But I might be wrong here.

After seeing the game only was in pre-alpha state I thought sending a wish to the developers about alternative movement controls might be worth a shot. So I did and this is the answer I got back:

"Thank you for taking the time to email us about this. I’m really pleased that you did.

We want to make sure that Oort Online is welcoming and playable by all players, so we would be delighted to adapt the control scheme for players with disabilities. I have to admit that this is something I don’t have a lot of experience with - so we would really value your input and guidance during development.

A few questions:

1. Can you let us know which games already contain the very best disability support? We can then look to them for inspiration.

2. Would you be willing to create a thread about this on the forums? This would allow other players who have the same concerns to get involved in the conversation, and give feedback on the support we gradually add. I think some public visibility would help bring this to the communities attention.

3. We can easy add support for mapping left+right mouse button to forwards. What about jump support? Would you want auto jump to be enabled with left+right is pressed? Or are you able to use space for jump?

4. Which actions are you happy to use on the keyboard? Do you want all actions mapped to the mouse somehow? For example: strafing right and left, and climbing and descending the grappling hook.

Please keep in touch and make sure you let us know exactly what you need."

Wow!! I wish all game developers would have this approach when creating games.

After an additional mail with my answers on their questions and a link to I promised to put up this thread here. Btw. mouse controls for char movement is what I need. I use the standard keyboard controls for everything else like straifing, jumping etc

My question to you gamers is now:

What is your opinion about having an alternative movement option by holding in both left and right mouse button simultaneously? As an addition to ASDW, not instead of.


I don´t mind if we get more movement options that can be changed in options menu. Mouse movement is not something that I think I´ll use in future so I don´t have suggestions how to make it better or easier.

On second note I want you and everyone to be able play and enjoy world of Oort like I do so this certainly something that needs attention of dev team.

Looking forward to see you in game someday and when you do, give me a call ^~^


I think to have an movement option next to WSAD would be good for some players. I also have a friend who is in need for alternatives (he has the contagan syndrome). I don’t know if pressing both buttons the same time would do it, but it is a good start to begin with.

For Oort we still don’t know if you will be able to use skills on targets without aiming or if you have to look directly at it (like in shooters). The slingshot and now the bow are suggesting the second. This in mind we now need to think about ways to be able to move while using. I know that it would also be possible with separate moving and attacking, but may be we find a solution to do both the same time, also for you and other players with a handicap.

Creativity is the key :wink:

For me I would like to have a “lock-to-run” button. Once pressed you would move until I press a move button or the same button again. I used that a lot in gw. Don’t know if it works well in Oort (with aiming in mind) but it is good for longer travels :wink:

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I don’t mind in the least. But since both the left and right keys place and destroy blocks, what would be used for those which would work in your case?

My questions is what is the key mapping that would work best for all the game actions.

Though I dont own the game yet because its tough for me to play with current controls I cant say for sure how things work… but cant placing and breaking blocks still be attached to left and right and the run function only be triggered by holding in both left and right mouse button simultaneously?

In the MMOs I mentioned in the original post both left and right has their own functions and only by holding in both simultaneously the run function triggers.

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The devs are so thoughtful. :heartpulse:


I think everyone would be happy if we could bind our controls to whichever keys we like. That’s something the devs should try to get into the game during the next few updates!


Options are always good. Even better if those options will allow more people to experience the amazing worlds that have been built.


In general, keys can be mapped to anything. However, when placing and destroying blocks, there is an outline indicator indicating the to-be-affected affected on mouse over. Also, the act of destroying blocks is a timed event, so you have to hold down the button to prevent from aborting the action Hence it make sense for that to be on something with a jiro control or joystick.

Speaking of which, do you use any game pads? If so, that may be a better way to go. The game could add support for gamepads.

BTW: I do think it is important that the current key options remain default because those are the keys everyone who plays MC and MC-like games will expect. But it is great to have alternatives in my opinion, especially if it means more players :smile: .


FYI - the game already has decent support for Xbox360 and PS4 controllers.


Very interesting approach (your question directed to the gamer). Maybe even steer by holding down one mouse button (which activates forward movement) and swirl around mouse for direction. Ctrl-key could be used as action button for mining down items.

I slept thinking about this issue last night. I think the way the mouse works now with it controlling the camera and all is not going to be easy to move to a keyboard. Part of the enlightenment is that this kind of game cannot operate efficiently on forward only movement because of the countless obstacles and ledges. Moving all direction is essential…

However, I did have a new idea pretty similar to the original request… Just allow alternatives to W,A,S,D to include mouse buttons.

For example:

  1. Left+Right mouse same a W (forward), not a big fan because if the timing is wrong it good be frustrating places and destroying things.
  2. Middle mouse button same a W (forward), same as #1 but less prone to error.
  3. Modifiers + Middle Mouse Button for A,S,D keys. Not that Shift + Forward is absolutely needed to prevent falling off ledges.

So today we have:

  1. Mouse Move: changes camera and target
  2. Left Mouse to attack or break blocks
  3. Right Mouse to place blocks
  4. W, A, S, D movement
  5. W + W run movement

With alternatives:

  1. Mouse Move: changes camera and target
  2. Left Mouse to attack or break blocks
  3. Right Mouse to place blocks
  4. Any key movement (including arrow keys and mouse buttons and modifier key combos)
  5. forward-key + forward-key run movement

Will that work for you?

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Guild Wars 2 does that. You can use wasd to move, press the r key to continually run, and move the camera with your mouse, or hold down both mouse buttons and move the camera with the mouse. It’s really convenient.

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