Increase Deconstruction Resin 3 to 100%

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Please consider increasing the recovery chance of DECONSTRUCTION RESIN 3 to 100%.

Since the universally hated forging is probably here to stay, can we at least not have to throw away our hard earned materials? There is so much time involved in gathering and crafting the mats, that it feels like an extra slap in the face to lose a lot of them because we have to deconstruct 30 times in order to get the RNG just right for the tool we want.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the whole system reworked, because I hate the unnecessary and cruel RNG involved, but if I have to waste time with it in its current form, at least let me keep my mats, so I don’t have to waste even more time gathering them again.

I figure it is all a strategy to keep people playing, but believe me when I say: it is more of a huge annoyance than a motivation, and if no one likes forging, everybody loses.

Thanks for your consideration.


This could be an acceptable stopgap, but by god fixing the RNG would be so much more important.


I agre with this at least as a temp fix


If im honest no…

My reasoning…
You already used the mats and choices where made (My last forge round was a mess, 5 batches of 9 hammers waisted, 2 batches of 9hammers a succes :wink:).
So when deconstructing you get some ingredients back (sometimes almost all, and rarely all all).
I have learned forging has a trick to it… know when to cut your losses and deconstruct it.

Instead of a higher deconstruct % the RNG should be fixed…
The best way to do this (and keep RNG in) is to bind boons to gums.
For example DMG boon can be rolled from venerable and special gum but has a higher chance with effect gum.
Or AOE can be rolled from effect and venerable gum but has a higher chance with special gum…
(Still not sure after what is it 2,5y which gum to use but I haven’t forged as much to)
For new players this can be confusing (older to😉) so in my eyes a better suggestion would be to bind the boons, quirks, debuffs to specific gums (mind you we don’t need more gums but having boons role from 3-4 gums is nonsense and kind of pointless to have multiple gums).

Btw the magnet boon is a jerk :wink:.

Can we just get a guide saying what boons go with what gums like pls I need that

I usually use this when figuring out what gums to use:

This guide: [Guide] The Methodology to Forging Everything - V2.3 - Added Repair Spanner has links to spreadsheets with that info as well.


Each boon only has one associated type/gum already. The problem is that it isn’t possible to get 100% association with a specific gum.

If you use the forge simulator: you can add some gums and see an estimate of likelihood of getting a boon from each boon type. You will also see that there are diminishing returns in adding more of the same kind of gum.

Really, though, I’m being semantic and I just agree with you. Remove DR from gums, make it so 2 or 3 of the same gum is 100% for that type and it would be a much more reasonable system.

I’d prefer a full overhaul, but I respect a good cheap rework.


:wink: agree with you to full overhaul would be better.

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I think the random one arm bandit of simulated gambling is a bad design and needs to change, it just encourages gambling and is teaching children that gambling rewards you…

let the remaining players :stuck_out_tongue: actually enjoy the game.

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This one is done repeating himself over and over again.

Insert Generic Rant About How RNG is Bad

How on earth do you get such data?


That data PC and PS players?

I poll the discovery server and add up the player count on all public servers, this includes ps4 players.


To note: the discovery servers won’t show players on private worlds (Can Visit set to off) or on Exo Worlds.

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