Increase inventory size for cubits


A bigger inventory for cubits. I mean more inventory space.


I’m not against it but I don’t see the need either.

If you’re running out of inventory space while mining or gathering, just plop down a temporary beacon in the area with a bunch of storage blocks to dump your inventory into when it gets full.

That way when you’re done mining you can warp to it from the nearest portal hub, grab the stuff (might take a few trips but meh, 200 coins each trip) and then if you’re not gonna come back to mine in that area ever again, you can remove the beacon.

And if you’re gonna always mine/gather in that area / planet, now you have a nice and compact outpost.

Cheap and easy, and just as convenient (or arguably more convenient) than having an enormous inventory, since it also helps with getting to your favorite mining/gathering spots faster.


Coding and resources are major barriers to more inventory space. Don’t have the link, but there was a good article for Destiny about the challenges of adding just 10 more inventory slots, from the console/platform side as well as the server side. But I also would like more inventory space :grinning:


If you think “I’d like to throw a little cash at this and solve this problem” you’re going to run into some resistance.

Meanwhile, I agree that inventory management is a huge challenge here. I’m more the type to make trips home but you do run into a ton of 1-plot outposts for people who use an area frequently as described above.


Once upon a time we had skills to increase the size of our inventories… however that meant that new characters started with half the current inventory and that the skills only brought it up to what we now have by default… it was unnecessarily painful for new characters.

More space is always nice, but there is such a thing as too much space. One thing that would be interesting is if ether stacks sizes were increased OR smart stacks size increased… a 4x4 or a 16 slot smart stacks would be cool… but since the current smart stack size already has issues with clipping off the screen… a 4x4 smart stack would only make this worse… not to mention that it may in fact be harder to implement than extra inventory slots ><

Another cool thing that i’ve seen suggested a lot would be wearable items like backpacks/ bags that would give extra space AND provide extra item / gear progression <3 But that would require a whole new system to allow equitable items… but it would be really cool to have to choose between extra inventory or something that boosts your mining/hunting/gathering/mobility etc

Anyway, lots of options / ideas. You have to admit though, the current inventory is fairly generous as it is given we have smart stacks… it’s only weakness is trying to stuff a bunch of different items into your bags… and super fast AoE tools ><


I would rather craft a backpack that increases inventory size or at least a bag that I can carry around that increases it.

I do not want cash for more inventory. The community and devs don’t need to be distracted with discussions on how that can be P2W. We really don’t.

The answer to things in this game isn’t throwing more money at the developers. They got their money and get a slow trickle of revenue from Gleam Club and cubit purchases from people who want more plots faster than leveling provides. It’s time to add things that retain players and bring in new ones to drive sales up.


Once upon a time I wrote a backpack mod for Minecraft. You could craft different sized backpacks. The largest one doubled your inventory. Balanced by making you ravenously hungry while wearing it.


Lordy… people not happy enough with being able to pack 14 metric tonnes of rock into your loincloth? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not. Every single MMO I’ve played has always allowed you options to increase your inventory space.

But I don’t want to pay to get it with cash. I have things I want to spend my money on that aren’t related to Boundless.


It’s a little wierd that I can stuff 9 gem shovels in there just fine but if I need a gem and a metal I’ve got to give up my left oorticle.

One stack of a single chisel type, one stack of two chisel types, and one stack of three chisel types.
I’m assuming I’ll need a 4th stack if I buy a gem chisel.

Meanwhile I can’t put my edible lamella into a lamella smart stack nor keep my earthyams out of my meat. Which is fine because I’m busy having two stacks of crossbows and edibles. Heaven forbid i need to bring an iron tool in case my gem or titanium breaks.

I would like to be able to hold the rock that a single hammer harvests. That’s nothing next the streamlining that the smart stack mechanic needs.


Perhaps they should reduce the amount of rock you can harvest with a single hammer… :innocent:

I kid, I kid… don’t hurt me! :scream:


I never knew that smart stacks ever clipped off the screen. Must be PC only or hud size. I keep mine pretty small.


Generally happens when i open a smart stack that is at the very bottom of a 3x3 square of storage shelves… my UI scale should be the default 100% :thinking:


How about we get a horse or donkey or chocobo with saddle bags. Boom problem solved.
Being real though why not just get craftable bags that only hold a certain group of items.
Bag for ores
Bag for flower
Bag for meat

Or a craftable chest that doesn’t get removed from the map when the land regenerates. If you forget about it then it just becomes Burried treasure for somebody else.


A Wildstock mule?


Or a tame Scuttle-Trunk that follows you about everywhere :slightly_smiling_face:


Apples and oranges, totally different games, totally diferent implementations. If Bungie’s way of doing such things make it hard doesn’t mean it’s hard for Boundless too…


I’m at 70 or 80%. I’m probably one of the few that likes it that way. Lol