Increased Chat Radius

Hello devs! Could we expand the in-game text chat radius? It would be awesome for when we do big cleanups. Thank you!


They can add a “world chat” tab in the chat options, where all the players in the same world can talk with each other.
Alot of mmos have a world chat…


And add private message)


Totally agree to world-chat and private-chat. That are currently missing features.

I dislike a worldchat … wouldnt fit to oort in my eyes. But a larger radius for “shouting” can be added, may be 1000 blocks wide.


So, maybe someone with more MMORPG experience can answer this for me. How do you manage all the different types of chats?

• World chat
• Guild chat
• Private chats
• Friends list chat
• Nearby chat

Doesn’t your screen get covered in chat boxes?? How many of those do we really need in Oort?

Normally you have one Chatbox with diffrent Tabs, you can also add or remove Tabs of your Box

no global chat please, that would ruin any immersion in the game.


Agreed, global chat seems unnecessary.

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Agreed. It’s difficult to talk to people in clean-up zones because we usually split up very far to clean and like to talk while we work. No global chat. That would just create spammers.

I would like to see a global chat option. I’ve never seen a game that has one where you can’t toggle it off if you don’t want it. I’m always one for having too many options than not enough.

The only problem with that is it would break the immersion, and the amount of effort they are doing to preserver the immersion in the game doesn’t fit with a global chat system. Think about it: they are making it so you have to craft player tokens to do stuff like add them as friends, be a member of a guild, allow building perms in beacons, etc.

How would a magical all encompassing global chat even come close to fitting with that? I personally would love to see an MMO where you actually have to gather up at spots to talk to each other, or maybe have your friend/party’s token saved so you can message them.


Although you may not have to do things like that in other MMOs, I have done just that when I used to play WoW. I was on one of the RP servers and would often gather with friends in an area just to talk.

Some people love gathering in one place to do things while others would prefer not to have to do that. By not including the option, you could potentially be excluding a particular demographic. If you really wanted to tie it into the in-game system, you could make it a craftable/purchasable token that will enable that feature. You could call it an Oortspace Communicator.

Something like a portable radio … if such a thing comes into the game i would like to have it a moderate or high cost and it may even be bound to a single world and only works while being there. May be you can craft expansive tokens to use the world chats also on other worlds (when being there) … but a global all worlds spanning chat: Just NO ^^

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Seriously, please add ALL the chat options. Notice I said options. Immersion a problem for you? Just uncheck a box or close a tab. Pretty simple, works for literally every MMO out there. But right now it is absolutely stupid trying to chat with the 1-2 other people on the server with the current chat range. =)


Exactly. I don’t get why people are against having the option there. Don’t want it? Turn it off. Simples!

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Like you said: The current state is bad, so just enlarge the range a lot or may be give a world chat for some time (till the worlds get more populated), but later, there is no need for such a chat. and yeah, I WANT that people have to meet to chat. That’s part of the experience in this exploring game. And to “have the option” to turn it off doesn’t mean that it is not existant. If you want it, work for it - gather mats and tiers and be happy if you get a radio, but please don’t put it into the game as a “standart” right from the beginning.

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you could do /shout to increase your chat radius and /whisper to decrease it.

or, you could do something more user friendly if you can think of it.