Indie farms, low-budget in-game promotion

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I want to add to the mapstands at each permanent planet’s Tigg’s Tunnels stop (interplanetary track open or not) some signs and tokens with regen farm, diggable airplot resorce préserves, and suchlike. i’ll add those i know about as i go, add them to the Delta C stop for Brutal Sponge Farm and good spots on planeta BASH, and add yours if you give me the data etc… basically footfalless farms people want ppl to know exist but not invest in local portal or structures for – for these i want to make signs and/or token stands in the atlas stand i’ve finished building & stocked at most planet stops. think of it as post-techpocalypse stylie trainhopper & welcome committee hangouts under the tracks, even the currently trainless segments of the tracks :slight_smile: it’s s lore thing and a dessert topping

i need to spend a lot of time gathering mud. many cases coz i keep running out with so many colors of stone stash swamping my workshop :smiley: