Infinite buckets?

This is probably a stupid question but can you make buckets last forever by crafting used buckets into milk then using those? Like does that repair them? Seems like they have 100% durability again when you make them into milk buckets.

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Pretty sure they last forever
I’ve never had a 0 durability bucket

Wow lol why even have durability lol


Is it the same for water? Haven’t cocked (full craft) in some time just started some crafts in the past week.

That said i have a lot of buckets at 50%durability or less. And not sure how they got that far but i think crafts from water buckets does take durability and might probably destroy the buckets.

Again not sure but the reason for the 100% durability is because its a “new” craft And water just a refill.

[Edit] i am not sure if there is a difference with water Would have to check that with the furnace crafts.

They don’t lose durability until you finally craft something that ditches the bucket, like a brew.

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This is a bug that is around since the release ok the buckets. Plus you end up with more buckets that you started to craft with.

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