Infinite portal

So I’m curious. I may have missed some update but I just logged in and ran to check two of my 1x2 portals. They are almost next to eachother. I knew the fuel had ran out and they were to close when I looked into them like usual. BUT they didn’t shut. They both had 0 seconds left. I waited 30 seconds and they both stayed open. So my question is if this is intentional now it’s a great idea! If the portal is simply not used it will remain open to negate a reopening cost. If I was just glitched (wouldn’t surprise me with the stuff and portals with me ) I think it should be a thing :).

And yes I was about to leave the room and grab my fuel to put it in. :).

It’s the boundless world paying you back all the oort you had been robbed in the past.

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This has happened to me before but as soon as I tried to use the portal it turned back into blocks.

Sometimes I get to a portal in game and it closes when I try to load it, so I usually assume that some state check hasn’t been made until it receives focus from a player.

Same as sometimes coming back to a crafting machine with a 4 hour queue 8 hours later and it still says it’s working until you actually look in it.


Lol if it stayed open. I was tempted to not fuel them lol

Yes that happens normally all the time. But this time it just stayed. I didn’t go through it though. I’m curious if it would have stayed open or shut trying to come back.

How has the portal been behaving since then?

Yeah they only state check when someone loads them. I don’t think they can be refueled.

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This happened to me a few months ago, I went through and it acted like a usual portal and when added the new fuel, it forced itself closed

This happened to me one time the portal stayed open for about 5 days with 0 seconds it was a good time


Same for me, my shortcut portal to my storage ran out and it stayed on 0 at least for an evening. Think it closed when I next logged in iirc.
A nice bug :bug:

@Savior, what’s the location of the portal? Is it’s still behaving weirdly?

Sorry I’ve been away. I haven’t been on much so I’m unsure BUT check out what I was able to catch! Let me see if I can upload the video to a new post in support.
Edit: every video I try to upload I cannot. I even made it jpeg format. That is the lowest I can go. Is there anyway I can get you this video @vdragon? Or come to my location and I’ll give you full permissions to see in my storages to see what is happening.

So everyone else knows. I’m in a stone closed storage. I quick drop a stack of rocks located about in the middle of the internal storage system. What it does then is instantly picks back up the rocks I dropped, places them in the exact location they were in. This is not the funny thing. So every time I quick drop the rocks it drop one item from the first upper left box in the storage. It is doing it every time. I even moved stuff around and still I can repeat this action.

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I can come over to your location if you like and record a video. Just let me know when you are next online.

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I have the same result, sometimes cannot press ‘x’ on PC to drop the item out of storage, it just goes straight back in

Ok I’m on ah int right now so maybe 2 hours?

Ok so NOW those two portals that I was talking about just shut when I ran by. I had put fuel in both and they said 1 week on them as they shut. Holy moly man.

Take notice I did NOT shut this and no one else can. That portal fuel is what was left in it as it shut on its own. I knew I wasn’t losing it when it came to these portals. I known I’ve lost thousands of oort let alone the return fees before the free home warp. Lol.