Infinity mall beacon expiring soon?

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If debs then no. Others have already gone in that guild. I can ask them.

Looks like it did. I checked other members and they are still up. But the mall has entirely gone. Wasn’t anything really in there before.

Wow I was just running under it the other day looking for a way up to a shop stand.

Infinity mall was on water, and only had one shop in it. The owner closed it some months ago and all the shop keepers pulled out.

His gleam club ended last night, his wife’s was already gone I think. I spoke to him last week, he’s busy IRL and didn’t have incentive to renew.

This was the end of Infinity mall on Raxxa and New Infinity on Maryx as well.

Deb has quite a bit of time yet.


Yep! I could see Deb coming back. I liked working with her.

Wrong mall. they all look the same

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There is a tiny Iconic mini hub still standing in the remains of new infinity though.